Fashion Manifesto

It’s always nice to make new friends

This is one of those days where I don’t want to present to you nothing else but myself. And this is because I’ve felt so much of your love and support this week that I feel the need to express my gratitude towards all you wonderful people filling me with so much joy! I might sound mellow,but it’s true!!

This week I did my first giveaway( 3lucky girls will receive their prizes pretty soon! At least I hope so,cause the Greek post office is not my country’s best feature!!!) and that gave my blog the opportunity to become a bit more known. Most of all though I have talked to so many amazing people,bloggers and non-bloggers,that otherwise I wouldn’t have the chance to do so!

Your comments,your likes,your tweets mean the world to me!! You make me believe in myself a little bit more each day! Blogging is a dream coming true after such a long time waiting!

Thank you guys so much! I hope I can keep you company,inspire you and make your day for long long time!!

Love ya!