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Jessica Chastain

I’m sure we have establish by now my preference for fashion icons that are not plastic and fake. I admire women that are powerful yet elegant, beautiful but intelligent, fashionable yet not “artificial”.
One of these examples is Jessica Chastain. Besides being an excellent and talented actress Jessica has a fashion style that I love: simple,chic and girly!

I love the fact that she wears jeans and tight trousers for her everyday looks. For me it’s the most comfortable and simple solution for a street style, and it can be so easily upgraded to an amazing look just by adding the right accessories: my fav oversized bags, statement jewelry (especially earrings) and chic blouses.


Jessica’s favorite accessory for her street looks is the trench coat. She prefers dark colors and of course the must color for this season : Burgundy.



When it comes to her more formal appearances Jessica prefers gowns from the most known fashion houses. I love how she looks great in pretty much any color! From classic black to bold emerald!
For a more girly but now so formal looks she prefers knee- high dresses and skirts and she also adores patterned blouses.

Her natural reddish hair color is one of the things I like about her. She hasn’t changed it much since childhood and she refuses to be another blonde Hollywood star.


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