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Keys Soulcare @ Cult Beauty

Ok, this year is going really strong when it comes to new product releases. I know, many celebrities have launched their skincare or makeup collections end of 2020 beginning of this year, but most of them left me unimpressed. There is one Im particularly excited about though and that is Alicia Keys Keys Soulcare line that is expected to launch very soon at Cult Beauty.

The main reason is Alicia’s general vibe an attitude. She is so conscious about her choices and very outspoken about it. She quit wearing makeup and has been very keen on skincare for the past years so when she recommends something I believe her! If she can walk a red carpet without makeup but with perfect skin I want every product she uses!

Another important factor is her collaboration with a the invaluable expertise of Dr. Renee Snyder for this collection. It is always important to understand that celebrities are not estheticians or chemists so the team working behind them for a line is even more important.

Lastly I find amazing the fact that the idea behind this line is to create a ritual, not just for your skin but your entire body and mind, in order to achieve a total self-care experience.