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Korres after sun cooling body yogurt



I challenge you: Find another girl anywhere in this world that loves Korres products more that I do! Seriously, I dare ya! It all started back in 2009, when after 9,5 months in China (average temperature 10 degrees) I spent my summer in Greece. Day one: me with my friends at the beach. Day two: me in excruciating pain after serious sunburn all over my body!
My chemist suggested Korres after sun cooling body cream. I never thought that this could help, especially after 2 other pharmaceutical products had failed. But it did!
From the moment I applied it i felt so much better! It only took two days to be able to walk outside again( yes, the pain was that bad) and less than a week for all the scars to disappear.
Ever since that incident I fell In love with Korres products.

Now I use the after sun cooling cream all the time! Korres products are based by 83% on natural ingredients. This body cream is actually based on real edible yoghurt which as you all know is great for the skin!!
I use it not only during summer but all year round! There’s also a face cream and a serum from the after sun cooling yogurt line but I use mine also for the face and it works like a charm!

For the past year I also use the make up removing wipes from the same series, as milk proteins nourish and moisturize the skin.although wipes is not the most effective way of removing your makeup these are great when traveling -or being super lazy as I am after staying up late!!








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