Liebster blog award x2 !!



I am so happy to be nominated for Liebster award,not just once but twice! I am honored girls for this nomination by Amila ( and Rachel (

When I first started my blog I never expected to be read by anyone else but me. But after only 3 months I find myself meeting new bloggers, getting my work known and doing something that I really love!

Though I got nominated twice I think that it’s only fair to answer Rachel’s questions, since she was the first to nominate me! I am only creating one post cause I think it’s a bit unfair to keep posting different posts! ( I think you understand my confusion over the matter!!).

So here are the 11 questions I have to answer to!!

How did you come up with your blog name?

Catherine Kay is the name of my “alter ego”, the persona I have created to express all my inner thoughts. So given that it was only appropriate to name my blog “kaysecrets” !


Who is your biggest blogging inspiration?

i have already posted my five blogging inspirations in one of my posts. Each one of them for different reasons. But if I have to choose only one I would go with Lauren Conrad cause her blog was the first one I checked!


What is your favourite Disney film?

I have a confession to make : I cry in Disney movies! I love pretty much all their movies but mainly the older ones, cause they remind me of my childhood! My fav one has to be Lion King!!


What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?

I think I’m too romantic! In five years I want to have a beautiful family!! As a blogger I hope I can improve myself daily and create some amazing posts. Maybe traveling a bit more too for inspiration!!

Do you have any nicknames?

Not anymore! I used to when I was a kid but now I’m too old for nicknames I think.. 🙁


How do you like to spend your Friday nights?

Friday nights are usually series nights!! I love watching tv series so I watch “the vampire diaries” , “the Originals”, “Big Bang theory” and of course “Glee” !! 


What would you do with a million pounds?

Endless shopping probably!!


Do you have any guilty pleasures? If so, what?

I have unfortunately.. I cannot resist to crisps! Especially if I’m sad or stressed I have and inexplicable desire for crisps! I’m doing my best to control it, after all summer is just around the corner!!


Do you prefer chick flicks or action films?

I would have to go with action films! After all I was the one that went to watch “A good day to die hard” on Valentines day!! 


Do you prefer summer or winter?

Have we met?? Summer of course! I’m Greek so that helps a lot too! It’s sunny and summery 300 days a year!!
Can you play any musical instruments?

i used to play the piano but I haven’t played in years!! (Lazyyyy girl!!).



and now the 11 random things about me:

1. I’m in love with Chanel bags, they’re my dream bags!

2. I have lived in China for 13 months.

3. Although I live in the suburbs, in a house with big gardens I have a huge fear of insects!

4. My role model is Tyra Banks.

5. My boyfriend is the editor of this blog! I always find a way to drag him doing the photo editing for me!!

6. I have worked  as an editor in a newspaper  for 5 months. This is how I fell in love with journalism, although fashion journalism is way more exciting.

7. I don’t eat red meat!

8. My dream job is to work in a museum.

9. I have a “50 things I want to do before I die” list -Starting a blog was one of the things I had on my list!!

10. I have a great collection of teddy bears! My oldest one is 24years old!!

11. No one in my family knows I’m a blogger!!


And and now the nominations!! It was a very hard choice but I had to narrow it down to 11 bloggers to nominate! Rules are rules!! So here we go!!



Gongrats girls! You all deserve it!! There are also many more incredible bloggers out there but unfortunately I can’t nominate all of ya! ( I really wish I could!!).


and now for my 11 questions to ya:

1. When did you decide to become a blogger?

2. Do you check back to your first blogging posts?

3. If you could turn back time, is there anything in your life you would change?

4. What do you do to overcome writer’s block?

5.  Name 5 beauty products you can’t live without.

6. Does your family and friends know you are a blogger?

7. Who has inspired your personal style?

8. How often do you blog?

9. What would you like to be your next step for your blog?

10. If you could be a superhero, which super power you would have?

11. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
The rules are as follows:
Link the blogger who nominated you
Answer the questions you received
Nominate 11 other bloggers and come up with 11 new questions
Tell the nominated bloggers that you nominated them
Provide 11 randoms facts about yourself