L’Oreal Skin Perfection

Having oily skin I find myself tired all the time maintaining a healthy and clean skin. For me it is also boring having to apply cream after cream after cream..! So what I need is something quick and drastic. My latest attempt was l’oreal’s skin perfection cream. In theory this cream is supposed to minimize the pores of the skin in order to reduce the black spots and control the oiliness of the complexion.

In action I have to admit that I do see some improvement already. It’s been a week and I can see that my skin feels lighter and cleaner. I do see some reduction of my pores and generally a better skin color. I will continue using it for the next few weeks to make sure if the results can get better and let you know soon! I’m thinking of starting to use also the BB cream skin perfection so will let you know how that went too!

In order to get better results- and I say that from personal experience- I suggest you have a facial before you start the treatment. This way you can have a “clean” start and you will have better results way faster!

If you think facials are expensive stay tuned for homemade facial tips next week!!

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