Style Crush

Miley Cyrus

You all know Miley.. We don’t need to say much: The little innocent girl grew up and turned to a provocative woman. And that’s fine because we do like her more like that!!

Many claim that this change is fake and it was just a media trick. That could be the case, but I prefer to think that once you finally understand yourself you create your own path- right or wrong.

One thing I love about Miley’s style is her haircut. Really short hair in Baby blonde color. For those of you with Miley’s face structure a short and edgy haircut would definitely change drastically your look. You don’t need to shave parts of your hair like Miley, but short hair can be classy especially in blonde and reddish shades.

When it comes to her outfits Miley prefers now more extreme looks. Of course this is not something we can all suddenly adopt and go to work dressed like Miley! But for a weekend look her loose torn jeans and funky T-shirts are awesome for a younger, girly look.

Another factor we see in Miley’s street style is the mixing of different styles in one. Miley’s combinations may seem too much for some, but if you look closely they do match: casual T-shirts with leather pants or skirts, plain shirts and shorts with couture bags and high heels.

Her look is definitely unique and edgy. But it’s not too much! It’s not Lady Gaga’s meat dress or anything like that! It’s a fresh,new and, in my personal opinion, true look. Unfortunately I’m not at the age where I could pull this look off,but I’m sure many of you can!!

And remember, no matter what a celebrity wears,create your own path!just like Miley did!

(Images taken from fashionbompdaily and belighter)

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