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I miss reading, I really do! Having a busy schedule unfortunately doesn’t allow me enough free time for reading. But I think it is very important for every girl to have at least a very basic knowledge of literature. Books open up your mind and in a world where people are more and more close-minded and lack understanding of the world, I find it crucial at least to have an opinion.
Here is a selection of my favorite books, the ones that one way or another formed my personality and ergo my style.
1984 – George Orwell
Orwell’s amazing book on the matter of globalization through a fictional political situation. Being trapped in a fully controlled society the main character starts to doubt the reality and searches for the truth.
Amazing writing, way ahead of his time, Orwell depicts a more aggressive prediction of our future.
Living, Loving and Learning – Leo Buscaglia
Italian physiologist Leo Buscaglia truly speaks to my heart. In this book he describes these 3 basic principles for a better life, giving you everyday examples and interesting stories. Throughout the book you can feel a sense of melancholy for the degeneration of our society. But there is always hope, as long as we try to live, to love and to learn..
Love in the time of cholera – Gabriel García Márquez
Marquez is a great writer, no doubt about that! From all his books though this is my favorite. A bitter story, a tragic era, a great love. No words! Simply read it!!
When Nietzsche wept – Irvin Yalom
Irvin Yalom is by far my favorite writer. Although his books have always something to do with psychology and philosophy I love how he presents everything in a simple and understandable way. This particular book however doesn’t just stick to that: he creates a different story by using Nietzsche’s known writing, his letters and his medical condition. Amazing story based on real characters in an unreal meeting.
Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden
I’m sure you’ve all seen the film! You cried and got surprised by the power of the character’s will to survive and find love. I have to tell you that there’s and even greater beauty in the book…
Sophie’s world – Jostein Gaarder
A little girl receives mysterious letters from a philosopher who keeps his anonymity when first contacts her. A beautiful story that gives food for thought, without pushing it.
Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy – Douglas Adams
Yes, this is in fact one of the books that changed my life! Douglas Adams created the most hilarious, intelligent and valuable guide for all hitchhikers out there! You do need a dictionary for reading it, but it is so much worth it! Adams’ intelligence was extraordinary and his humor incredible. Through this book series he expresses a deep sarcasm for the world we live in and magnifies people’s flaws to the fullest.

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