My Dukan journey part 1

I know it’s been a while since I posted but its been a month of change in so many ways and kept me busy,emotional and excited at the same time!
I have worked hard for some life- changing projects : I finally have a new Job (for the first time something that actually has to do with my major) and I’m loosing weight and becoming more fit.
Although pretty excited about the first one too I will be sharing my thoughts for the latter.
For years I wasn’t paying any attention to what I was eating or doing any serious workout programs. But in the resent years,while I was getting older and more interested in my appearance, I have tried several times to change that. From time to time I had began dieting or joining the gym with no serious results. The main problem was that my body was used to bad junk food so it couldn’t metabolize fast enough any more.

For more than two years I kept trying to lose weight but I was stuck : 52,2kg. I never was overweight but as being short this was 5-6 kilos more than i should be.
This summer was different. I reached my tolerance point. I couldn’t let weight bit me,I couldn’t let it control me.
August was the first month in years that I wasn’t working, so I decided to do some swimming. Spending few days by the sea and swimming more than 3h/day made me realize that losing weight could be easier: if you consume less than you burn then you lose! But how could I wake up my metabolism to speed it up?
Googling different kinds of diet I came across the Dukan diet so I though I gave it a go. And it worked!!
You have to follow 4 different stages of dieting in order to complete the schedule and achieve your goal.

Phase one

This is the aggressive phase,when you go to the extremes to wake your metabolism and start burning the fat. You do lose a lot of weight but it is mainly fat,so you feel great even if you lose 1kilo!
In this stage you can only consume proteins and no fat at all. You can eat as much meat as you like and also non-fat dairy products. This can be a bit difficult at first because your body won’t have enough energy and you will feel exhausted a lot,especially if you need to lose much weight and you remain at the first stage for more than 6 days. I only wanted to lose a total of 5 kilos so my first stage lasted only 4 days. Still, waking up after the first day of my new diet I could barely move. It took me several hours to get used to it but after that I was good to go! I lost the first 1,5 kilo within 48hours and by the time I finished the first stage I had lost 2 kilos and about 4cm of cellulite and fat from my hips.

Phase two

In this face you need to change your daily protein routine with a day of salads. As many days your first phase lasted that many pairs of twisting dieting your second phase needs to last. So for me it was four pair of this type of eating, 8 days total. On the first day I was only consuming proteins and on the second day I was adding a salad and maybe a fruit for snack. During this stage I lost only one more kilo but I lost about 7cm from my belly and 3cm more from my hips!

Now, 3kg later and after reducing drastically my body fat, I’m following diet for phase three. Results in this stage appear slower but it is the first step to introduce your body to regular food again and teaching yourself how to maintain a healthy body. From the beginning I added to my weekly routine jogging twice a week (about 2km every time) and drinking a lot of water. Both these factors helped my body lose weight faster but also changing my daily schedule to a more healthy lifestyle! Since this phase hasn’t been completed yet and I still have phase four to come I’ll be posting again in few weeks for my total review of this diet!!

(Attention : this is not an add. The results vary according to the duration and the anticipated weight. Do not attempt this diet if you have serious heart or liver problems)