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Hey ladies! Getting tired of diets? Me too! I cannot keep a diet! Νo matter how many times I’ve tried, it never lasted more than a week! But for the last 5 months I have been losing weight, keeping my system healthy and feeling better!
How? I have to thank app stores first and then the founders of Lifesum app!

What Lifesum is:
It’s one of these apps that can help you keep a schedule of your daily eating habits. First, you set your goal. Whether is losing some weight or just maintaining your correct one, this app is great!

I was reluctant at first cause I’m not really known for my perseverance, so I thought there was no way of succeeding. But turns out it was so easy and simple that I’m still doing it!
So after setting your goal you need to track everything you eat and any type of exercise. If you have the same thing for breakfast everyday you can just add it to your list and save time.

I’m not a great fan of exercise too but every now and then I do some simple things. What I hadn’t realized until I used Lifesum is that even the simple things we do can help us lose weigh. For example, did you know that you lose 90cal/30′ every time you go shopping?? When you add that to your tracking calories you instantly have the chance to consume these 90cal that you lost and still keep your schedule (provided you don’t spend it in something too fatty). So every now and then I go shopping, or for a walk, or do some workout and the next day I treat myself with a piece of cake or a chocolate bar! This way I never miss the things I like, but I never overdo it!!

This app is excellent for those who can’t be on a diet: you don’t need to starve, you just need to control your meal portions and add healthy snacks to your eating routine.
Start by keeping track of what you normally eat for a week. Then check the carbs, the fats and the proteins each of these provide you. Also, this is a good way to maintain a relatively balanced diet, consuming the appropriate amount of calories daily, without overdoing it!

After that, everything is easy: you know what you’ve been doing wrong and now you know how to fix it! So just simply do it!!

Try it out and you’ll see! Within a month you will see results!

The Lifesum app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


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