My smart beauty bag (a.k.a my everyday secrets)

While waiting patiently for my new spring- colored cosmetics bag to arrive from mango outlet, I’ve decided to share with you some of the products I can’t live without and always carry with me.


Elizabeth Arden’s 8h products are by far my favorite. It is my ultimate ally during winter, as my skin tends to become too dry. My favorite of all is the 8h lip balm( always there for me when I need it!). Obviously for the same reasons I have the Neutrogena hand cream with me!


As you can see I have many small sized or trial sized products.That’s because I need to be able to carry these products with me, without worrying whether they fit or not in my purse. What I do is: whenever I buy a product I ask for a trial sized item too. In most cases the sales assistants have no problem providing me with one, since Im already buying the actual product! Also when traveling I always visit the duty free stores and by products in travel sized kits! This way you get to carry your favorite stuff in very convenient sizes!

What I can’t live without is my eyebrow pencil. I have quite thin eyebrows so I need to create a more sophisticated shape, especially now that naturally thick eyebrows are in fashion( second year so far). Since I often change my haircolor I have quite a few eyebrow pencil shades. I find the seventeen color shades very suitable for spring so at the moment this one is my favourite! Of course mascara is always in order! I can’t seem to stop buying maybelline mascara so for the past 5 years, so why do it now that I found my favorite one?


My latest obsession is Vichy’s Dermablend line. Since my natural skin tone is pale -yellow I prefer wearing make up to create a softer and more elegant result. But applying makeup in the morning and returning home quite late leaves me no choice but to refresh it from time to time during the day. This setting powder helps maintain my makeup flawless for 16hours! ( more on Vichy Dermablend in an upcoming product review).


As you can see I like to keep it natural and simple! In more special occasions I add a red YSL lipstick and I’m good to go!

What about you? Which products you always carry with you?


Maybelline the colossal volume mascara

Seventeen long stay eyeshadow shaper no8

Vichy Dermablend setting powder

Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream- lip balm

Neutrogena hand cream

clean and clear oil control film

Neutrogena lip balm

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  1. ladydevz says:

    Nice well thought out collection!

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