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My WhoWhatWear addiction

There’s no surprise when bloggers get inspired by other bloggers. But when your inspiration is two of the most talented women in this industry then you don’t just follow!! So my confession today is simple: I’m addicted to whowhatwear !! Originally began as a fashion blog by Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr (no strangers to this industry even prior to blogging) but quickly turned into a very successful fashion magazine!


I love browsing to whowhatwear for many reasons! First of all,the content is totally fashion oriented (even the interior design section is highly related with fashion) with more pics than text and plenty of examples! I love how after every post you get the opportunity to check the products and in most cases a more affordable option is included, cause after all everyday women are the ones shopping for these products!
Everyday tips,fashion reports and many more fun and interesting posts are up daily! Just when you think you know what to expect then they surprise you with something even more intriguing! I seriously can’t get enough!!
What about you girls? Which online magazines you browse?