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New Year’s resolutions : ready yet?

So 2014 is about to end and I have been check my “new year’s resolutions ” from last Christmas to see what I have done this year. I must say it looks good!! From my personal goals I have succeeded most of them and at least tried my best with the rest. I have lost weight, I worked out more than before, I quit many bad habits and even saved some money too!
I am mostly proud for running my blog for a year straight, especially for not quitting at first when things didn’t go that great!

In the past I found it very difficult to stick to a plan so I’m extremely happy about finally putting my life in order, even with baby steps at a time.

For 2015 I mainly wish to keep myself in the right track and evolve as much as possible! There is only one thing I wish more than anything for 2015… Hopefully I will be able to share it with you within the next few months! Besides that, I’m planning on eating healthier, workout more regularly and change my personal style a bit!
What about you? Have you written your “New Year’s resolutions ” list yet?? Hurry up!