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New Years skin care goals and Cult Beauty gift code

Hey ladies!! Ready for 2021?? I know everyone is so excited for this year to end (and with good reasons)! 

This year though has taught me the importance of self caring. Even though these days are promising (with the vaccine ready etc) we still have few  more months with restrictions and curfews so I think what I want more is to use that time for me. I’m not going to have any New Years Resolutions, I’m done with these, it’s more of a promise. A promise that I will take better care of myself, emotionally and physically. I will start eating better (cause quarantine really changed my eating habits for the worst) and take a better care of my skin and my mind. I will start saying no more and have more me time (much much needed). 

In that spirit I decided to change my skincare routine as this “new normal” was changing my skin for the worse. You know I love my eleven steps skincare routine. It has helped me a lot over the years with my acne and I was very happy with it. But lately although I had more free time in my hands I found it harder and harder to take the time to follow it. Also, I’ve noticed that wearing the mask has caused my acne to return in a worse way. Stress wasn’t helping either as I was constantly picking my pimples (that was something I used to do a lot in the university when I was stressed and now it has returned ). 

So it is time for a change! After a lot of research I’ve decided to take the big step of letting my current skincare routine go and go for a more minimal one. 

First of all, as I’m now 35 going 36, I order the Frezyderm Set Age Repair Serum & Capsules. This is a one month treatment to assist with age signs and wrinkles. I will be doing it every evening for a month in order to help my skin produce more collagen and firmness to the skin. It’s not something I would normally buy cause I don’t have that many wrinkles (or visible to be honest) but you can never be too careful,right? 

My second step was placing a big order the day before yesterday from Cult Beauty. I won’t lie to you, it really hurt my bank account,but I don’t regret it!! But I have a promo for you to save some money on your first order! click the link and you’ll get 10 pounds of your first order for orders above 50 pounds! (affiliate link, no extra cost for ya)

For those who don’t know it, I only use cruelty free products. These are definitely more pricey than drugstore cosmetics and skincare but I feel so much better with that choice and don’t regret the money I spent. 

My very first thing on the shopping bag was the SUMMER FRIDAYS jet lag mask. I’ve heard so much about this mask and really wanted to try it. I especially want to use it as a primer (you do the mask and then don’t rinse it,just wipe it and then apply your makeup).  I believe that one of the worse things you can do to an acne prone skin is avoid hydration. All skin types need to be hydrated especially the older we get. The trick with acne is to avoid over-hydration.  So a nice mask twice a week and a good primer before makeup is great! 

Equally important is the exfoliation. For me this step is even more important as my skin is also oily in the T-zone. So I need a light exfoliation almost every day.  I went with Versed Day maker Microcrystal exfoliator cause it’s not rough on the skin and great for daily use. 

I also went for a lip exfoliator by Frank Body and actually found a great kit that includes the lip balm too! 

For a moisturizer I went with Honest Beauty, Hydrogel cream, another brand I will be trying for the first time,but I’ve heard very good things so I’m really excited. Its a rich moisturizer that helps reduce the signs of aging.

Since I will be exfoliating a lot (and I’m still keeping my Ordinary Niocinamide serum for the breakouts) I though I would go for an oil that will balance the moisture on my skin. I chose the Pai skincare “Rosehip Bioregenerate, Rosehip Seed & Fruit Universal Face Oil” (I know,it’s a mouthful). It’s full with Omegas and antioxidants  which help to repair and protect skin against environmental stress and visible damage. I figured it could be a plus for the days my skin feels too dry (after all,it’s winter so a bit more hydration is always a good thing). 

Masks are also essential for me. I have always loved masks and use them regularly so I went with 3 different ones (obviously to be used on rotation according to each days needs). As I mentioned above the jet lag mask is meant to be used as a primer but it is still a mask and will be used after a night shift to help out! The other two masks are meant for two different things: first we have the versed “the shortcut overnight facial peel” which promises to be  renewing the complexion, revealing a visibly glowier complexion that feels smooth, even and hydrated. This is mainly for these days after a breakout when you need to clean up the mess and clear the skin. 

The last mask I bought is from Honest Beauty  and it’s the 3-in-1 detox mud mask. I love mud masks so I had to try this one out as it claims to be a ten-minute treatment to tackle congestion, the pore-purging (a must mask for acne prone skin). 

These might look like a lot for some of you but for a person that used to do all eleven steps (45’ morning and night) this is so much better and easier.

I really hope I can have my order before New Year’s and will definitely share my opinion with you!!