HM X Erdem-Final countdown

It’s happening ladies!!! Just few hours left for the new collection! I’m gonna be working the night shift but I will be waking up tomorrow at 10:30 so that I can be able to get my hands on some nice pieces online! If you haven’t seen the collection (first of all, in which planet you live??) here are some of the amazing looks you can get if you wake up early!

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Tassos Mitropoulos @ Athens Xclusive Designers Week

Another great show from Athens Xclusive Designers Week,this time by the talented Tassos Mitropoulos. I have attended more shows of Tassos Mitropoulos in the past and I have to say he is one of my most beloved Greek designers. His aesthetic and point of view is unique, always creating looks for the modern woman, powerful and classy, fierce and strong. I particularly loved the dresses and the asymmetry he close to incorporate. If you want to invest in one good designer’s piece make sure you chose one of his jumpsuits cause they never (ever) go out of fashion! 

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Olga Karaververi @ Athens Xclusive Designers Week

hello ladies! How are you? I have been working non-stop for weeks so this year it had been really difficult to attend Fashion Week. I only attended the last day so only few shows unfortunately this year..

Thank God I was lucky enough to catch two great shows during that day,so today I’m gonna be sharing with you some of my favorite looks from Olga Karaververi show. First thing that impressed me was the gift included on the invitation: Each one had a unique scarf,with different patterns and designs (We ended up exchanging scarves in the hole row cause there was a scarf for every taste! I initially had a small rainbow colored scarf but I exchanged it for a tie-like blue with red stripes one,which I fell in love with the moment I saw it!).

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oh Karl..

No words once again for my fashion soulmate! He went the extra mile yet again another time, creating a show worthy of his vision for the House.

Make sure you check their official YouTube video on their channel!


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Autumn Skin care routine

Hey Ladies! What’s up?

Weather is getting colder lately so I’ve been thinking for quite some time to upgrade my skincare routine (you know I’ve been eyeing so many products from Soko Glam) and I started with my makeup removing routine. I chose to get the L’Oreal latest line and really invested in a series of products, including face masks, scrubs and lotions.I have used several products from the brand before so I knew what to expect and that’s why I chose it.

Due to the late shifts I have (and the fact I turned 32 last week) I began worrying about my skin condition and how clean it is when I go to bed. Sometimes when I had the night shift I used to use only the makeup removing tissues, which obviously was not enough! Sleeping at 7 in the morning (with half my makeup still on) until 14:00 in the afternoon did not do any good to my skin so the breakouts began and redness appeared. Long story short, it was time for a change and for me to really commit to clean skin before bedtime.

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Emmy’s 2017 Red Carpet

Are you watching it ladies??? Due to time difference I had to wake up at 2 am today just to check the red carpet but it was worth it! Here is a quick list of my favorite looks from Emmy’s 2017 Red Carpet!

Emmy Rossum wore this gorgeous black sparkly Zac Posen gown but I mostly loved her jewelry accessories that added that extra glam on the outfit!

Erin Lim rocked the red carpet in this ethnic dress. It is a love or hate it moment but for me it brought that freshness to the carpet. She definitely looked like having much fun with the outfit so thumps up Erin!

I’ve said it before, 2017 is Mandy’s year! This dress proves how far she has come over the years and how stylish she has become. Love love love this Carolina Herrera gown soooo much!

Ladies, this was a teachable moment for everyone : Style is ageless and Jane Fonda also! The dress,the hair,that clutch..! OMG this woman can wear anything and still look gorgeous,but in an outfit like this.. Superb! Brandon Maxwell really looks great on her!

Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses and style gurus. Over the years I have loved many of her looks and recently loved her style for her role in “Pretty little Lies” so it was no surprise that I was going to love this look too. I love the color of this blazer dress by Stella McCartney and the simplicity of this look and she seems to be  having fun with it!

Neve Campbell walked the red carpet in one of my most adored designers, our very own Celia Kritharioti. It is no surprise that the dress looks THAT good!


(images taken from, and

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