Moschino TV x HM launch party

Ohh it’s the most wonderful time of the year.. And no, I don’t mean Christmas darlings, cause November is the month when H&M drops their latest collaborations. This year it was with the amazing Jeremy Scott and Moschino and I must say it is my personal favorite of all the recent collaborations.

After the romantic collection we saw last year from the collaboration with Erdem this year it was time to spice thing up a bit, with a more sports and fun and playful collection, like only Jeremy knows!

The collection is available from 8/11/18 but I was lucky enough to be at the VIP party, two days before the official launch of the collection and of course I got to shop first!


I fell in love with the cartoon T-shirts and  oversized sweaters and I got a bunch of them in different colors! On my way out I also got a great present from H&M staff, the iconic bear – phone case!!! (love you guys!!!)




What to do when you hate your wardrobe

It’s one hell of a difficult season for me darlings, I have to tell ya!! I’m pretty exhausted from work  and a lot to worry about lately. Besides all these I kinda let myself go a bit and gained some weight. And you know what happens next of course. On your only day off you try on that beautiful skinny jeans  you loved last year and they look awful on you! (Ok,not awful but when you don’t feel good these feelings tend to multiply). This really hurt me. Ok, 5 kilos is not something tragic and it’s not something I should be worrying sick over, but feeling nice in your own skin should be everyone’s priority. I ended up hating every singe item in my closet cause it only reminded me that I wasn’t that person any more. Of cause I could fit to most of my clothes and I know I can lose weight in two months if I really want to but I realized that this wasn’t the problem. I was ready to move on and change my clothes and my style because I simply didn’t enjoy it any more.


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5 trends I’m not trying this Fall

hey Loves! How are you? Happy Fall to everyone!

How was your Summer? I finally got to take some days off (12 in total!!) and went to my boyfriend’s seaside house and relaxed (more info and pics in this post). So now that I’m all rested and happy I have began my Fall shopping! There are of course several key pieces that I buy every season: chunky sweaters, duster coats, oversized scarves etc. BUT most importantly there are trends each year that I never (ever) try. Some just because I think they don’t look good on me personally and some simply cause I think look awful in everyone!

Every year big Houses try to convince us to buy so many stuff we don’t really need, never use and simply get just because are trending. Wheatear you can afford a couture or Zara chances are you will be buying one trend that doesn’t actually suit you.

Here is a quick list of the 5 trends I won’t be trying out this Fall!

Corduroy anything

ok, this one is a personal childhood trauma! As I’m in my early 30’s  this is not the first time I come across this particular trend. Last time this was huge was while I was growing up and my mum really loved it. So she used to buy corduroy trousers and jackets for me in some very lame colors I must say! This had as a result to totally hate all things Corduroy and I haven’t worn any since my Elementary years! Yes, this might look good in the magazines but I cannot even convince myself trying it.

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Finally Vacations!!!

Well, it only took me half a year but I finally took 12 days off just for myself! It had been a very difficult season, with long working hours and a lot of stress so this much needed time to relax and enjoy life again was pretty essential.

Since I wanted to stay as relaxed as possible we decided with my boyfriend to spend the entire time in his beach house, only 1,5h away from Athens in the island of Evvia.  The weather was amazing and since schools had started already we had the beach to ourselves the entire time!

I only packed the essentials : my swimsuits, summer dresses and my books! We also downloaded a bunch of movies we kept saying all year we were gonna watch but never did!


My Favorite swimsuit this season was by The Helpful Vegan and it was a strapless polka dots bikini! I loved it from the moment  I saw it on their store!

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New skincare obsession : Liz Earle

Am I excited or what???

Its been a while since the last new skincare review and for this particular one I was very excited from the beginning. When my brother-in-law told me his coming from London and asked what I wanted there was only one brand I wanted to get my hands on for a while : Liz Earle! I have heard so much for their skincare products from so many other bloggers that I really had to try them.

The only problem was he was flying only with a carry on but thank God Boots gave the solution again with this lovely kit that includes travel-sized cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

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H&M launches new perfume collection!

Who knew that after 28h insomnia I would find something to cheer me up??

Yesterday afternoon (after a long shift and no sleep since the day before) me and my sis decided to go down town for a wedding gift we needed to buy. After that I relay wanted to crawl down to my bed and stay there but we went pass H&M and then it hit me: It was the day of the official launch of their new perfume line!  We run immediately inside and boy what I saw made me sooo sooo happy! This is an addict’s playground! Continue Reading