Miley Cyrus

You all know Miley.. We don’t need to say much: The little innocent girl grew up and turned to a provocative woman. And that’s fine because we do like her more like that!!

Many claim that this change is fake and it was just a media trick. That could be the case, but I prefer to think that once you finally understand yourself you create your own path- right or wrong.

One thing I love about Miley’s style is her haircut. Really short hair in Baby blonde color. For those of you with Miley’s face structure a short and edgy haircut would definitely change drastically your look. You don’t need to shave parts of your hair like Miley, but short hair can be classy especially in blonde and reddish shades.

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Spring shopping outlet!!

Have I ever told you how much I looooove outlets? I think I did mentioned it, but now I’m about to prove it.
I’m a working girl so of course I don’t have the luxury to buy those often expensive items. So, my number one rule is: shop in outlets!

This is a great way to buy items that would otherwise be too expensive for your budget, or even If they were affordable to begin with, in even better prices.

But what if you could have stylish clothes and accessories in great prices but also you didn’t have to leave your couch to get them?
In order for that to happen you need to combine two of my favorite things: online shopping and outlets!
Great combination,right?

My all time favorite online store is Mango Outlet. With free shipping over 75€ and with the ability to buy tons of things with that amount of money, how can I not love it?

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My favourite App!

Hey ladies! Getting tired of diets? Me too! I cannot keep a diet! Νo matter how many times I’ve tried, it never lasted more than a week! But for the last 5 months I have been losing weight, keeping my system healthy and feeling better!
How? I have to thank app stores first and then the founders of Lifesum app!

What Lifesum is:
It’s one of these apps that can help you keep a schedule of your daily eating habits. First, you set your goal. Whether is losing some weight or just maintaining your correct one, this app is great!

I was reluctant at first cause I’m not really known for my perseverance, so I thought there was no way of succeeding. But turns out it was so easy and simple that I’m still doing it!
So after setting your goal you need to track everything you eat and any type of exercise. If you have the same thing for breakfast everyday you can just add it to your list and save time.

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..H&M – Long live fashion!

H&M is one of these brands that can always surprise you. It’s not just a commercial wide known brand selling clothes in good prices. It is a living breathing organism that interacts with its clients and the world around it.
For the past few years it has organized numerous campaigns to help the society and the environment.

Many celebrities know for their concerns and beliefs have helped the company in various ways- from designing clothes to participating in their campaigns.
H&M “conscious- long live fashion” is a campaign based on the fact that the majority of clothes we don’t need or use are thrown away instead of being recycled.

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Sephora eye shadows

Having to rush to work everyday and working a lot with kids doesn’t allow me to wear too much makeup. But one thing I can’t give up is my eye shadows. Over the years I have purchased a variety of eyeshadows (as you all have), some expensive and some very cheap. I found out that when it comes to eyeshadows you need to invest. Invest in colors and textures.

All the things I’m looking for in an eyeshadow I found them in Sephora. Great variety in colors and texture and most importantly it stays on no matter what!
I lovveeeeee the brown shades but for a night out I prefer a more playful dark purple or grey. The only disadvantage is the price,as it is quite expensive if you choose to buy each eyeshadow separately and not a palette.

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L’Oreal Skin Perfection

Having oily skin I find myself tired all the time maintaining a healthy and clean skin. For me it is also boring having to apply cream after cream after cream..! So what I need is something quick and drastic. My latest attempt was l’oreal’s skin perfection cream. In theory this cream is supposed to minimize the pores of the skin in order to reduce the black spots and control the oiliness of the complexion.

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