Fashion icon of the week : Victoria Beckham

There are no words for Queen V! For me Victoria is the definition of style. Ever since her spice girls’ days she stood out for her attitude and dress code. Even during her solo singing attempts or her years as a devoted mum her style kept growing and she soon became a fashion icon.
But it was not until she launched her own fashion line that her personal style reached the top! Her first line had a sexy yet elegant perspective but her latest is the one that really made her the successful fashion designer and business woman she is. With her new store in London coming up and her award as the best new comer fashion designer there is no doubt that she won’t stop surprising us with her style.
Her every move is followed by the paparazzi and she never disappoints them: every single photo is like a magazine cover, even if she just takes her boys to football practice!

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We love outlets!

If there’s one thing women love more that sales is all year round sales! I’m talking about the outlets, that are now opening faster than the speed of light all over Europe. Of course this is no news in the states, but for Europe is a new trend started few years back. As obvious the fashion capitals of Europe where the first to have outlet malls but now pretty much all countries have few. Besides the great convenience of shopping everything you need in only one facility the best advantage is ,by far, the prices!
Maintaining your style is an expensive “sport”, that’s why these outlets are a great opportunity to renew your wardrobe without spending a fortune. There is a great variety in brands and styles and it’s easy and fun to shop there!
I obsolutely adore shopping in outlet malls!!
For those of you who have the opportunity to travel a lot or for those who just like to dream here are the best outlet malls in the world. Enjoy!

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The living room issue

One of my New Year’s resolutions is finding an apartment! But finding the right place is not the only problem as the idea of decorating it is also troubling me these days! I have already have though some ideas about the living room but since I don’t want to spend a fortune I’m trying to be creative!!If you are looking for a place too or you just want to make few changes to your living room here are some ideas to help you out!!

The couch
The most important piece in your living room is your couch. You need to find one that fits your needs- for small apartments choose a small couch but if you have enough space you can add a bigger one, or add two more armchairs.
If you don’t want to make drastic changes to your living room you can change the covers of your couch to a more brighter and vivid color. This will instantly change your entire living room!

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