Sephora eye shadows

Having to rush to work everyday and working a lot with kids doesn’t allow me to wear too much makeup. But one thing I can’t give up is my eye shadows. Over the years I have purchased a variety of eyeshadows (as you all have), some expensive and some very cheap. I found out that when it comes to eyeshadows you need to invest. Invest in colors and textures.

All the things I’m looking for in an eyeshadow I found them in Sephora. Great variety in colors and texture and most importantly it stays on no matter what!
I lovveeeeee the brown shades but for a night out I prefer a more playful dark purple or grey. The only disadvantage is the price,as it is quite expensive if you choose to buy each eyeshadow separately and not a palette.

So what can you do? Simple! Buy them on sales! I just bought last week my new Sephora eyeshadows in a 1+1 promotion sales offer! Make sure you check the promotion sales in your nearest Sephora store!
Let me know if you do!

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  1. ladydevz says:

    I just tried n bought a purple eyeshadow frm them…like te shade variety very much..

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    1. I’m not crazy about purple but it’s so in fashion right now so I’ll give it a try really soon!! 🙂

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