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Style in a music box

You know how much I enjoy finding new amazing stores! My latest discovery is Muzitee! It’s a totally different store than the ones I usually pick,but that’s exactly why I love it!
Muzitee is an online store for those loving music. It’s an online clothing brand for musiclovers,mainly menswear, but a great option for all ya fashion icon girls who appreciate a statement shirt to match your boyfriend jeans!
Now besides the retro/music related style what really caught my eye was the box in which you receive your order. It’s not just any box. It is an old school music cassette!

This gorgeous music box I think has to be one of the smartest boxing ideas I have ever seen! It is ideal for presents and I promise you, there’s no way you’re not keeping this box!
With your order you also receive your personal password and you can download exclusive EPs from various artists working with Muzitee.
There are so many little details about this store that I’m still discovering and truly love. For example,all t shirts cost 19,81 euros  because the the person behind this great idea (Vangelis Orfanidis) was born in 1981.
To me what truly matters is having a clean concept,and this is exactly what I found in Muzitee.
Another pro of this store is the free shipping worldwide! Although it is a Greek store, so for my shirts I don’t have to worry about it, I have many friends that live abroad so this brilliant when sending a present!
The latest addition to the Muzitte collection is the hoodies line, especially designed to “accommodate” your MP3 player/smartphone just so you can include more music in your life!




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