Tassos Mitropoulos at AXDWeek

Colors, Colors, Colors. That’s the word that describes best this collection. From the first minute of the show all I could think of was summer and travelling! Loved the flower dresses,the bold shirt colors and the striped pants. What I loved most about it is the fact that all clothes are absolutely wearable by the average girl and are so practical! In most cases you see clothes on the runway that you can only see on magazines afterwards. But this collection was all about making ladies feel beautiful and comfortable in their clothes while highlighting their best assets.

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Lefkon at AXDWeek -New Designers Awards winner

I have a pretty good instinct when it comes to New Designers Awards. When I attend the shows I can always see the winning designers. This time was no exception as I fell in love the moment I saw Lefkon fashion show.

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I’m not easily impressed by fancy and peculiar outfits. I believe that of course designers should create some more extravagant looks for a runway show but if they actually want to make a name for themselves and have real audience then creating clothes for “real and everyday” women is the key.

And that is exactly why I loved Lefkon: using cotton and linen,simple colors and clear lines this show was all about creating a memorable yet very practical look for every woman. I mean, what woman would feel good in some nice tailored paper trousers and a cotton shirt?

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Folli Follie Riviera Club Fashion Show at AXDWeek

Now that was my favorite show from Athens Xclusive Designers’ Week and for very good reasons! First of all, the show was held in the Peristyle of Zappeion, in a beautifully decorated area. The weather was also great so lighting for the photos was just perfect. Secondly, I’m a bag lover so their show was right on my alley. And lastly, we got some perfect gifts from Folli Follie to celebrate their show which are amazing!

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Makis Tselios at AXDWeek

One of the most iconic Greek designers. He is known for his excellent tailoring,the luxury in the fabrics and his attention for detail. So of course this show was exactly as expected: perfect. Mainly focused on gowns and tuxedos I found plenty of Red Carpet -show stoppers-looks (that wished I had the chance to wear!!). Lace, futhers,tule in a variety of looks that compliment the female figure and well tailored tuxedos for men. Continue Reading

Olga Karaververis at AXDWeek

You already know I love Olga’s designs. This year I arrived on the show late (I’m currently still recovering from a back injury and I had spent the last week in bed) but I just had to ask the security to let me in even just standing (which by the way my doc forbids). Now some of the pics are a bit blurry and unfortunately I didn’t cover the entire show but once again loved it sooo much!

Pink was THE color of the show in blush and nude shades. Her wedding gowns where once again exquisite and even I (who you know how much I hate weddings) fell for them!


Tassos Mitropoulos @ Athens Xclusive Designers Week

Another great show from Athens Xclusive Designers Week,this time by the talented Tassos Mitropoulos. I have attended more shows of Tassos Mitropoulos in the past and I have to say he is one of my most beloved Greek designers. His aesthetic and point of view is unique, always creating looks for the modern woman, powerful and classy, fierce and strong. I particularly loved the dresses and the asymmetry he close to incorporate. If you want to invest in one good designer’s piece make sure you chose one of his jumpsuits cause they never (ever) go out of fashion!  Continue Reading