10 under 10€ 

I have been using a lot of new products and I’ve been shopping (a lot) lately so I’ve decided to include my top 10 products for this summer in one post. Since I had so many great options I decided to have a specific budget to keep it affordable. So here it is: 10 products.100 euros total! Best 10 under 10!!

1)HM playsuit 
Simple,playful and the absolute trend this summer!

2) Korres nail polish

No outfit is ready unless you have a bright nail color to match it with!

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Blogging can change your life..


We all hide an artist inside. One way or another we express ourselves and our creativity daily. It can be your personal style,the way you do your makeup, the pics you can with your phone..
Blogging is also a form of expression. It might be too commercial right now (yeah, we are in fashion lately..) but those who truly express themselves through blogging will keep doing this even when this stops being a trend.

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Blogiversary shopping haul

Hey guys!! Yesterday was my blog’s 6 month anniversary so I decided to celebrate it with some shopping this week! Unfortunately I couldn’t spend that much time at the stores so I did it gradually, just for an hour two different days!

So here is what I got!!

From American stars in McArthurGlen I bought these lovely handmade bracelets: Fatmas eye and the Greek blue eye for good luck and protection and a beautiful infinity foot bracelet!


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Guest Who?

Blogging is a fun yet demanding job! Do you have what it takes? Join my competition and be the next guest blogger on my blog!

I love blogging! But I think it’s nice when you work with other bloggers too. That’s why I have quest-blog few times. And I have to tell you I really enjoyed working with such good bloggers! So now I want to give that opportunity to two bloggers to guest blog for www.kaysecrets.com !

How to apply:

It’s very simple! If you are interested in guest-blogging (with two pieces each blogger) just leave a comment on this post and let me know that you’re available! The two guest bloggers will have the opportunity to pick the topics of their preference : beauty,product review,lifestyle, fashion,traveling or fashion icon!

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Liebster blog award x2 !!



I am so happy to be nominated for Liebster award,not just once but twice! I am honored girls for this nomination by Amila (amilasblog.wordpress.com) and Rachel (on-till-morning.blogspot.gr).

When I first started my blog I never expected to be read by anyone else but me. But after only 3 months I find myself meeting new bloggers, getting my work known and doing something that I really love!

Though I got nominated twice I think that it’s only fair to answer Rachel’s questions, since she was the first to nominate me! I am only creating one post cause I think it’s a bit unfair to keep posting different posts! ( I think you understand my confusion over the matter!!).

So here are the 11 questions I have to answer to!!

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Ashley Madekwe

Despite the fact that she had appearances in many tv shows prior that, I first notice Ashley Madekwe on the tv series Revenge and although her series character was not one of my favorite I have to say that her outfits sure were!


Her amazing body of course helps a lot on that- bet that even in a potato bag she would still look incredible- her style was impeccable!

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