Marina Vernicos

Now if there’s one person I follow religiously on Instagram that is Marina Vernicos. And that is for one simple reason: She is one of the people that can make me dream and travel through her pictures. Marina Vernicos is the daughter of George Vernicos, a very successful businessman and entrepreneur.They both share a deep love for the sea and  Marina – the artist of the family- has depicted the beautiful aspects of the Greek sea countless times. She has showcased quite a few exhibitions and worked with several brands on successful campaigns.  Continue Reading

“Designer Lights” by Creaid

For the second time I need to state my full support and admiration for Mrs Marina Vernicos and Creaid. For those reading for the first time about it,Creaid is a non profitable organization dedicated to help those in need and raise awareness in order to relieve weak social groups.

Each action of Creaid has an artistic side too. Their second fundraising event is called “Designer Lights” and all the funds raised will be used to create a playground for Athens General Children’s Hospital.

Greek designers,architects and artists were invited to design their own light. All items will be auctioned online and will be presented in an exhibition until April 10th in Athens.

Best of luck to Creaid’s second event! Please visit the website and make sure you bid on your favorite (I personally cannot decide which I love most!) item and support Creaid’s work!



Apostolou-Katerina-Colakis-Minna-Auction-Photo-600x600       LightMining2016-600x587

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CREAID: A silent auction with style

It was a night to remember! On April 1 CREAID held its first event,a silent auction for the gorgeous 200 bags their friends were kind enough to design.
All bags were on display for the participants and the guests to see. Those wishing to participate in the auction were able to bid on the bag of their liking and the highest bidder won the bag! Given the fact that sooo many talented people designed these bags and the fact that it was for such a good cause it makes perfect sense why by the end of the night we all went home with one of them! the real reason I strongly support this cause is because I believe that fashion can make a difference and even change the world..


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CREAID : When fashion shows compassion

I consider myself a very sensitive person when it comes to those in need. I always participate in projects and love to spread joy to others. That’s why from the moment I found out about CREAID I wanted to help!
CREAID is a newly established non profit organization oriented in the mutual respect and human dignity. You see, the fundamental meaning of helping is originally respect and understand the differences between (equal) individuals. Only when we achieve that we can truly understand the needs of others and help.


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