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Birthday trip to Santorini Vol 2

Volume two of my trip to Santorini and today I’m sharing two more looks from the trip and some more places to visit, today about Oia. Oia is the most famous area in Santorini and its all about the sunset! We weren’t really lucky on that matter, as during our visit in Oia the sky …

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Dear Vogue..

I am a fashion blogger and am proud of it. I have a daily (very exhausting) job in order to support myself and my blog financially. I’m happy when I can get a promotional gift from a brand not because it’s free but because this shows that my voice can actually be heard and appreciated. …

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Blogging can change your life..

We all hide an artist inside. One way or another we express ourselves and our creativity daily. It can be your personal style,the way you do your makeup, the pics you can with your phone.. Blogging is also a form of expression. It might be too commercial right now (yeah, we are in fashion lately..) …

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