Mia Aesthetics Beauty salon

One of the best things about blogging is going to all these fabulous events and meeting incredible people. The other day I attended the “Mia Aesthetics” event and boy I am ecstatic! The venue is great (right in the center of Athens, across Megaro Mousikis), the place looks amazing and the staff is THE TOP! Mia is a fantastic person, a real professional that knows her job so well that you immediately trust her. Her methods are insanely good  -we saw a live demonstration of wrinkle removal and the results where crazyyyyy!-  and the quality of the provided services are top of the line: Micropigmentation, Permanent make up, lashes, plasma treatments are some of the main services of Mia Aesthetics, and when you know that Mia has been awarded the Quality Riso Award for “Best Micropigmentation Techniques” you know you are in good hands!

We also saw a demonstration of lash extensions placement and when I saw the results I knew I am getting it very very soon (I actually have an appointment for lash lifting so I’m gonna share more soon, plus pics!).

For those living in EU you are in luck, as Mia Aesthetics also has a beauty salon in Wetzlar, Germany and also collaborations in Austria and Switzerland. So make sure you stop by their website and check all the available treatments!



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How to take care of your faux eyelashes

Friday fun day darlings and this is a post for all of you getting ready to party this weekend!

I know like me most of you follow couple (in my case dozens) of beauty Youtubers and you check regularly for all the makeup tutorials. And yes, fake lashes are a must and will always be a must simply because you cannot create a more fabulous look without them!

While most of the beauty posts related to lashes have to do with how to chose a brand or how to wear them I decided that another post is a bit more important: How to care for your lashes in order to keep them nice and clean and usable for the longest time possible!

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