Blonde it up!

Since I’m in holiday mood I decided to share a nice trick with you I’ve learnt from a hairdresser few months back. Now,you know I’ve been trying to change my haircolor the past few months and have a much lighter color. I am a natural brunette (a really dark brunette to be honest) so it […]

Fight split ends!!

Having long hair isn’t difficult,you just let them grow. But having beautiful and healthy long hair..well,that’s a tricky thing! For years I wanted to grow my hair long but every time I tried it I ended up with hair full of split ends,that looked awful and fuzzy. So what was the point? Every single time […]

Hair therapy

We’ve all experienced a bad hair day(I have more than my share I’m afraid..) but there’s no reason to stress about it. There are simple ways to treat your hair better, make it healthier and stronger and of course eventually create a hairstyle that would make you proud- and the other girls jealous!