My week in pics!

It’s been a great week! No,work wasn’t relaxing this week,the weather wasn’t great,I didn’t have much free time.. So what made my week so remarkable? Well, first of all the beginning of it was fabulous! Last Friday was the first day of Athens Xclusive Designers Week SS15, and as you can understand a fashion week for a fashion blogger is like a candy store for a kid!! I enjoyed every minute of it although I had to run everyday after work! Let me share with you few pics from the event! Make sure you check the full post later this weekend with many more pics and reviews from the shows!


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5 Myths about hair you need to know about

How are you darlings today? For me today was all about hair! I dyed my hair this morning and since now they got pretty long I started thinking about all the products I’m using and how good actually do to me. So the most qualified person to answer my question was a new friend of mine, Helen, who happens to be a hairdresser and beautician. So later today I decided to interrogate her and find out if what is and what’s not true about hair!!
So it’s time to stop believing to  some Hair Myths girls!

• if I wash my hair often then they grow stronger and healthier

That is one crazy myth! Not only washing your hair doesn’t help it grow but most of all if you wash it too often then it is very much possible that you’ll end up with oily hair!


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