Pandora Summer Collection a.k.a. my current “Must Have” list


Luxury in quality doesn’t really mean overpriced items. That’s why I’ve always loved Pandora! Their jewelry collection is always elegant and super easy to incorporate to your personal style. Romantic touches,cute charms and very summery mood depicts the spirit of the “Summer 2015” collection.
I already have two of the bracelets’ classics (the classic silver and the brown leather one), so all the new charms are really high on my Summer wishlist!Dolphins,shells,turtles and pineapple charms are so gorgeous that I just can’t decide which one I love most!
Also, I got hooked with the new green mint leather bracelet and I’m sooo gonna buy it soon! I think it’s an absolute must have for the summer!
And if you’re thinking for a statement jewelry for this summer then the snake ring will be ideal for ya!

For me Pandora is not just about luxury. It’s all about creating memories!

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Codina : When history meets passion…

It’s always nice to find passionate and talented people out there. People who love what they do and put a small part of their heart in each piece.
One of these cases is Codina jewelry in Barcelona. In their workshop Codina combines old traditional handmade jewelry techniques, with modern technologies and styles.techniques that were past on from father to son!
What got me really interested in this jewelry workshop is their idea of creating artifacts specifically for each of their customers. So although they have certain contemporary collections that you can browse from they mainly specialize in making your dream jewelry become true,so You can practically design the item of your desire!

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sparkling wishes….

Sunday fun-day they say and as it was my mum’s birthday we decided to pay a visit to Athens flea market for some shopping and walking around.  I have told you before how much I enjoy walking in these little street markets and browse people’s crafts. But today I made a great discovery..

It was just about to start raining. The streets were busy as people kept walking quicker and quicker. But as we were looking for a restaurant to eat something caught my eye. There was a girl standing behind a small table. She wasn’t like the rest of the sellers in the area. Dressed elegantly, wearing beautiful jewelry and smiling to everyone. I stopped by her table and was amazed. Beautifully handmade jewelry in many different designs and colors. The name was sparkling wishes and that is exactly what it was in deed!

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Blogiversary shopping haul

Hey guys!! Yesterday was my blog’s 6 month anniversary so I decided to celebrate it with some shopping this week! Unfortunately I couldn’t spend that much time at the stores so I did it gradually, just for an hour two different days!

So here is what I got!!

From American stars in McArthurGlen I bought these lovely handmade bracelets: Fatmas eye and the Greek blue eye for good luck and protection and a beautiful infinity foot bracelet!


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Stylists (not) needed

Yes, I get it why a Hollywood celebrity, a global pop singer or even I high profile politician might need a personal stylish.
But for the rest of us common people that might not be so necessary!

I have always found myself looking at magazines and complaining “why she looks so gorgeous and I can’t” or “if I had her assistants I would look as amazing as she does”, and I wasn’t really doing anything about it.
Obviously I never hired a stylist: I just became my personal one!

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