products I tried this month

Happy June everyone! First official month of summer and obviously this is the time to try all kinds of new products. So for ya I have brand new face masks, serums and hair care products!

First of all, my one true cosmetics love, Korres: Their new package for face masks is so adorable! The products are still amazing but the new package is making them ideal for travelling! you can carry them with you all the time, each cube has enough products for one generous application so its a win-win!

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10 under 10€ 

I have been using a lot of new products and I’ve been shopping (a lot) lately so I’ve decided to include my top 10 products for this summer in one post. Since I had so many great options I decided to have a specific budget to keep it affordable. So here it is: 10 products.100 euros total! Best 10 under 10!!

1)HM playsuit 
Simple,playful and the absolute trend this summer!

2) Korres nail polish

No outfit is ready unless you have a bright nail color to match it with!

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Christmas gifts and joy

How are you my darlings?? It’s Christmas Eve and as I wasn’t working today it was the perfect opportunity for some shopping and holiday coffee in the fully decorated streets of Athens!
So today I’m sharing with you all my best wishes plus my Christmas shopping and presents!
Sephora beauty bag
One of my favorite stores,no questions why! So today since I didn’t really need something I bought some smart travel-sized products just to try them out!


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This week in pics

I should start a reality show, I mean it!! It’s like I can’t catch a break! This was supposed to be my week off, the only week in the entire summer when I could rest and enjoy the sea( I really miss it..). But noooooo, things had to happen!

First of all my uncle had a cardiac arrest and we were all crazy worried. He is fine now, but he gave us quite a scare the first days! After that incident someone had to deal with the bureaucracy and since I’m the calm one in the family..!!

On the fun parts of this week, I decided to have another giveaway for all of you guys! (Check out the following link for info ).


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A Greek summer is always a Korres summer!!

Although the weather is quite warm the past few weeks,I hadn’t really realized how close my vacations are! That’s probably because I haven’t stopped working for the past 3months,even for a day! So couple of days ago it finally hit me! Summer is my favorite season for so many reasons but its also the most difficult time for my skin! The UVA rays, the dryness in the atmosphere, spending time sunbathing, the salt and sand from the beach.. It is so easy to harm your skin and dehydrate it during summer.

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Korres exfoliating body soap

Another Korres review and yet again another satisfying product! It’s almost time to hit the beach,so cellulite is my worst enemy right now!
But I’m changing everything this year! Yes,there are not many miracle workers but after being more careful with my diet this winter I think my condition is more manageable!
What helps to make it even better is this amazing body soap! It’s so simple to use and the results are obvious in a short time! I’m now on my second soap (just opened it today!) and i can already see and feel the difference!


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