Christmas gifts and joy

How are you my darlings?? It’s Christmas Eve and as I wasn’t working today it was the perfect opportunity for some shopping and holiday coffee in the fully decorated streets of Athens!
So today I’m sharing with you all my best wishes plus my Christmas shopping and presents!
Sephora beauty bag
One of my favorite stores,no questions why! So today since I didn’t really need something I bought some smart travel-sized products just to try them out!

Sephora double duty exfoliator + mask
That’s a weekly scrub that can be left as a face mask too! It’s quite handy especially if you’re traveling this Christmas and of course I loved it because it doesn’t contain any parabens. It brightens the completion and refines the skin texture.
Needless to say I already tried it today right after I came home!
Soothing cleansing milk
It removes makeup without any greasy film and smoothens the skin since it contains macadamia.
My shopping bag also has 2 cleansing waters,one for the entire face and one specifically for waterproof mascaras and the eyes’ area.
Some Coco

I know I’ll be using a lot of my favorite perfume these holidays so it was a great opportunity to buy another bottle of my favorite “mademoiselle”!


2015 countdown

I always buy calendars around this time and for 2015 I decided on this fabulous green one,cause green is the color that according to feng shui brings money and prosperity! Fingers crossed!


I also received some amazing presents for Christmas (Santa came a bit early this year!) that I’d like to share with you!

My sister brought my this amazing OOZOO watch in this gorgeous burgundy with rose gold details.


Yes,I love bags! You all know it by now! Can’t deny it! So obviously when I saw this RocoBarocco saffiano bag I couldn’t be happier!!


Another great present was this korres set which includes the volcanic black nail polish the amazing mascara, an eyeliner,a body milk and a body shower!


So what kind of gifts did you get this Christmas?

This week in pics

I should start a reality show, I mean it!! It’s like I can’t catch a break! This was supposed to be my week off, the only week in the entire summer when I could rest and enjoy the sea( I really miss it..). But noooooo, things had to happen!

First of all my uncle had a cardiac arrest and we were all crazy worried. He is fine now, but he gave us quite a scare the first days! After that incident someone had to deal with the bureaucracy and since I’m the calm one in the family..!!

On the fun parts of this week, I decided to have another giveaway for all of you guys! (Check out the following link for info ).


I have prepared my second piece for Fashion Worked this week and its all about summer! Unfortunately I can’t reveal anything else at the moment but I’m very happy working with Ross and hope we can keep doing this!


I also enjoyed the shopping this time,since I took my sister to look for a dress for this wedding we are attending tonight. Here’s the look I’m wearing and also a little extra I found on great sale at H&M!




A minor setback though to my plans for a very glamorous look: my foot!! Hopefully it won’t cause any troubles tonight at the wedding!!



A Greek summer is always a Korres summer!!

Although the weather is quite warm the past few weeks,I hadn’t really realized how close my vacations are! That’s probably because I haven’t stopped working for the past 3months,even for a day! So couple of days ago it finally hit me! Summer is my favorite season for so many reasons but its also the most difficult time for my skin! The UVA rays, the dryness in the atmosphere, spending time sunbathing, the salt and sand from the beach.. It is so easy to harm your skin and dehydrate it during summer.

My solutions? Korres’ products obviously! A 50 SPF sunscreen for face and body with organic edible yogurt, its face sunscreen and of course a nourishing bergamot/ pear shower gel! I never forget to apply my yogurt after-sun cooling cream to keep my skin fully hydrated!!
To boost up my immune system I add some vitamins too to my daily routine!

So,what’s your summer nourishing skin routine?

Korres exfoliating body soap

Another Korres review and yet again another satisfying product! It’s almost time to hit the beach,so cellulite is my worst enemy right now!
But I’m changing everything this year! Yes,there are not many miracle workers but after being more careful with my diet this winter I think my condition is more manageable!
What helps to make it even better is this amazing body soap! It’s so simple to use and the results are obvious in a short time! I’m now on my second soap (just opened it today!) and i can already see and feel the difference!

This is a great exfoliating soap, with seaweed grains and caffeine(both extremely useful in the fight against cellulite). It helps to stimulate blood micro circulation and after few uses it improves the appearance of the skin. Another reason why I chose it (and why I obviously chose Korres products) is the fact that it’s mainly organic and natural! That is not a product with a 2% of seaweed grains or caffeine extractions. It is a product high in natural ingredients and therefore 100% safe for your skin no matter the type! The product is mainly used as an exfoliating body soap but besides leaving your skin smooth after every use you’ll see your cellulite decreasing by the week!


Have you tried it?

My first giveaway!!!




This is very exciting for me!! This is my blog’s first giveaway and I would like to have not just one, but three winners! I have 3 of my favourite products to share with you!!

This is just a smal thank you to all my followers and readers, and a good opportunity for some of you to know me and find out about my blog!!



1. Korres showergel “Santorine Vine”

close your eyes and imagine you are in a winery in Santorini, tasting local wine and watching the deep blue sea! This is exactly where this gorgeous bitter-sweet showergel will take you once you try it. Another benefit- besides the aroma,the texture and the fact that leaves your skin smooth- is that it doesn’t leave any intense scent so you can use your own body lotion and add perfume.



2. Oriflame “Swedish spa – anti cellulite cream”.

Some things work! This is one of these products that can really help your skins texture and decrease cellulite! Plus I love the scent!!



3. Perlier ” Sandalo del Kashmir”  shampoo and shower gel

It’s all about the scents for this giveaway! I can’t stop smelling this product,it reminds me of  Marrakech! The exotic and therapeutic scent of sandalwood relaxes! So the last product I’m sharing with my new friends is this amazing product that can be used as a shampoo and a shower gel!



How to enter

you can enter my giveaway in two different ways:

if you are a twitter fan the all you have to do is RT the message I will post on my twitter account ( @kaysecrets_kay ) and follow me! If you are not following me yet then go ahead and do it!!

If you are a Facebook user then follow my Facebook page  ( links are on my homepage) and like  my blog’s page and my giveaway post!! If you invite your friends to follow my page you get extra participations!

To increase your chances even more you can participate in both ways ( twitter and Facebook).


On Monday 28/04/14 I will announce the 3 lucky winners ( unfortunately only European citizens)  who will win the product of their choice! So make sure you comment and let me know your preference!

Be careful: New followers who unfollow right after the end of this competition will be banned from any future giveaways, as for me these giveaways are a way of saying thank you to my actual readers and followers.


Best of luck!!

Korres spring/summer nail polishes





My favourite cosmetics brand jut released a new series of spring-summer nail polishes! I absolutely adored these new colors which are now metallic and not mat!
I love how fast they apply and how glamours these colors are! I have already tried four out of twelve new metallic shades and I deeply loved denim blue( no83) and metallic sand(no 33).

Now that the weather gets better I’m looking forward to try the other two shades,which will look great when I’m finally tanned!!



Korres after sun cooling body yogurt



I challenge you: Find another girl anywhere in this world that loves Korres products more that I do! Seriously, I dare ya! It all started back in 2009, when after 9,5 months in China (average temperature 10 degrees) I spent my summer in Greece. Day one: me with my friends at the beach. Day two: me in excruciating pain after serious sunburn all over my body!
My chemist suggested Korres after sun cooling body cream. I never thought that this could help, especially after 2 other pharmaceutical products had failed. But it did!
From the moment I applied it i felt so much better! It only took two days to be able to walk outside again( yes, the pain was that bad) and less than a week for all the scars to disappear.
Ever since that incident I fell In love with Korres products.

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