Who wore it best: The battle of Pink at the Oscars

I think it’s safe to say pink was the color of this year’s Red Carpet at the Oscars. In all kinds of shades and shapes pink was chosen by many celebrities and dominated the Red Carpet (not all of them made a good impression though..).

Some looks were total show stoppers while others were big dissapointment!

here’s a quick list with the best and the worst pink looks! of course this is simply my opinion so make sure you comment with your ideas on the matter!!!


(images taken from Enews and popsugar)

Birthday trip to Santorini Vol 2

Volume two of my trip to Santorini and today I’m sharing two more looks from the trip and some more places to visit, today about Oia.

Oia is the most famous area in Santorini and its all about the sunset! We weren’t really lucky on that matter, as during our visit in Oia the sky was a bit clouded so we couldn’t able to fully enjoy it but still we didn’t let that bother us much! We enjoyed the long walks and of course the food!

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Dress to Impress: Girls’ night out

After seeing how much you enjoyed this section I decided to include one more scenario today!
This time it’s time to dress to impress for a night out with the girls!
My main goal when going out with my friends is to feel comfortable in my clothes. You have to keep in mind that girls often feel threatened from one another so you don’t wanna look as if you were to steal your best friends boyfriend! You shouldn’t intimidate your friends (or them you as a matter of fact) but you have to stay true to your style too.

I usually avoid exaggeration and keep it simple yet eye-catching. Unless I go out with girls way taller than me I avoid high heels,choosing booties during winter and a nice pair of sandals for summer.

A nice pair of jeans, a plain white t shirt and a long jacket is all I need! Make sure you accessorize a bit to create a more glamorous look!


Since living in Greece summer is my time of a year! So obviously I feel so much better creating looks around this time. For a night out I definitely recommend a nice long dress with a belt to create a more sexy figure and of course a big clutch! Bracelets is the key for a look like that as you don’t really need much,especially if you wear a patterned dress and not a single colored.


For more info on these looks follow me on Polyvore!

Dress to impress : first interview look 

The second part of my new post series is finally done! This week I wanna talk to you about the preferable and suitable looks for a job interview!

My mom goes crazy whenever I have a job interview. She has this old fashioned idea of how an appropriate  interview look should be that I’ve always found boring..

So over the years,and after countless interviews, I came to the conclusion that there is always a way to create a fashionable look for an interview that is true to your personal style and of course doesn’t age you!

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….. Polyvore

Spending much time looking for looks for the blog has it’s perks. I read tons of magazines, go shopping a lot and learning all about the new trends!
My favorite thing right now is Polyvore. This is an amazing app than allows you to create different looks and add gorgeous items from international brands, from the cheapest to the most expensive! You can also add beauty products,jewerly and accessories and create a look from head to toe!

Since last week that I opened my Polyvore account I have been obsessed with it! It’s like having the best closet ever right in your hands!! The only disadvantage is that I have expanded my wish list dramatically this week with all these fabulous items!

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Fashion icon of the week: You!!

Fashion icon is a person who creates trends with her looks. Someone who is always stylish,someone beautiful,with flawless skin,ridiculously expensive outfits.. Someone who every girl looks up and admires. The one person you look at on TV or in the pages of a magazine and you go like ” I wish I looked like her”…. Well,a fashion icon doesn’t have to be in the cover of a magazine. It can jut be on the other side of your mirror! How? Simple! Love yourself. Love who you are,what you can be and create your own path.

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