Wearing H&M to the Met Gala

Watching the Red Carpets all year long one can’t stop feeling a bit envious for all the amazing and soooo expensive gowns walking the carpet. But there is one particular brand that has been doing Red Carpet dress the past few years that we all have in out closet : H&M ! Yes, of course the dresses made for the carpet are not of the same price range as that summer dress you love that only costs 19,99$,but still!

In this year’s Met Gala there were 5 lucky ladies wearing H&M and the dresses were sooo gorgeous we wish we could find them in stores..

Alek Wek

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The MET Gala: Red Carpet Moments

Now that was a Monday worth waiting for!The MET Gala is one of my favorite red carpet moments of the year, as you always see the most extravagant,meticulous, eye-catching dresses of the year! This year the theme was ” Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons” but there was a slightly different interpretation by most celebrities. Nevertheless, there were definitely many looks worthy of the event.
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Fashion icon of the week : Cara Delevingne

Im sure you’ve noticed how I haven’t posted a fashion icon in a while. That’s because I didn’t have any ideas lately and I wasn’t much impressed by any celebrities. But there’s a girl that definitely worths mentioning! I’m talking about the incredible Cara Delevingne.At first I wasn’t paying much attention to her,as models are obviously pretty but often cannot stand out among other models. Slowly but gradually Cara caught my eye with her amazing and stylish looks. This girl simply takes fierceness to another level! Many tattoos, smoky eyes smazing on every pic.. But it’s one of these rare cases when you have to admit to yourself that you just wish you cold be so fashion forward as she is.

There’s a certain talent needed when you can pull boyfriend looks off! It’s not so simple! Whenever I’ve tried it I ended up looking like a fat raper!

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