Selena Gomez X Coach

It’s here people, it’s here!!!

The first collaboration of Selena Gomez with Coach is finally here and its really good! I mean, we’re pretty used to celebrities working with brands and in most cases results are quite nice too (Let’s not forget Gigi X Tommy Hilfiger ). Selena has been photographed for the brand’s campaign earlier this summer, wearing some of their -now- most wanted bags, in classic yet so stylish and trendy designs.  So the collection was only the next -highly anticipated- step.

Bags are very nice, like Coach nice(!!) so I would really like to get my hands on that red Grace bag. I would appreciate some more color options but I think since this is the first time Selena is doing that she and her team chose a smaller collection in order to keep it cohesive.


(images taken from the official Coach page)

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H&M X Erdem

Now that the summer is almost over and we have started getting in a new routine it’s time to talk about what we really want for next season: The new H&M collaboration of course!

The official announcement was made a month  ago and I have already shared my anticipation via Facebook but now that the time has come,we need to prepare people!

I have decided to have a descent budget this year, as their dresses are always dreamy so I know Im gonna want to buy a few! So Im saving up already. Stay tuned and be ready, November the 2nd is just around the corner!

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