Why I won’t be making a “New Year’s Resolutions” list this year..

Hey guys!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas (not like me- being sick in bed AGAIN!).

As you might remeber I do a New Year’s Resolutions post every year. I have to admit that it is kinda inspiring, especially in the begining of the new year. The problem with me though is that after the first excitement I stop being consistent and eventually leave many of my original goals. Then, close to the end of the year I tend to remember them again and start feeling guilty for not achieving them, or even trying to complete the entire list in only few weeks! I can tell you, trying to workout to cover for the lost ground of a whole year is not very easy!!! 😊

So this year, and since I have faced many difficulties during 2019, I have decided to give myself some space and focus on things that would make me more happy than more productive. Travel more, be with my family end loved ones..

So I want to wish to each one of you out here all the best for the New Year, full with happiness, love and health!

Happy 2020!!!!

New Year’s Resolution (s)

Happy New Year Guys!!!!!

Once again I’m making my lists ( nope, not checking them twice!) with all the things I loved in the year that left and all the things i wish for the year that has come.

I am obviously very thankful for the fact that all my loved ones are well (especially after the terrible year of 2015..)! I’m also soo very happy for your support this year too, thank you  so much for your love and your feadback via social media!

I’m also super excited for my job! its been nearly 8 months and i love waking up to work every day ( or night, depends on the shift 😛 ). I have amazing colleagues and I’ve learnt so much this year.

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… And a Stylish New Year!

Only few hours away from saying goodbye to 2015 ( between you and me, one of the worst years i had..) and i couldn’t be more excited!

So many hopes and dreams for the year to come!

This is a New Years Resolutions list focused only in fashion. Trends and beauty advice that i can’t wait to try this year!

Let the countdown begin!


6) Come Lace or shine

Lace is an old time classic that obviously is making a comeback the past few years. But from all the runways for 2016 it is obvious that we will be wearing a lot of lace this spring! I love it in pale colors and accessories!

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