Greeks do it better: 5 Greeks that rock the Fashion Industry

If you consider the History of the Greeks, the traditions, the culture and the things we have endured all these centuries It only make sense that we have a long tradition in fashion too. Just think of the great garments and jewelry made during the Cycladic period in ancient Greece and  you can imagine what modern technology and talent can do now! So here are 5 very talented (and highly known) Greeks that we all love and admire!

Zoeva Cosmetics  

Beauty industry fell in love almost immediately with the amazing makeup brushes from Zoe Boikou, born in Thessaloniki and now living in Germany. The brand was born when Mrs Boikou wanted to purchase high quality makeup brushes in an affordable price. After realizing this wan’t possible she took matters into her own hands. With no cosmetics background people thought it wasn’t going to work but as we all know history proved them wrong!

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