products I tried this month

Happy June everyone! First official month of summer and obviously this is the time to try all kinds of new products. So for ya I have brand new face masks, serums and hair care products!

First of all, my one true cosmetics love, Korres: Their new package for face masks is so adorable! The products are still amazing but the new package is making them ideal for travelling! you can carry them with you all the time, each cube has enough products for one generous application so its a win-win!

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Goodbye oily skin!!


Those of you who follow me on twitter already heard about my biggest beauty accomplishment : After years of “torture” in my acne prone crazy oily skin I finally got rid of it! Yeah,I did! Exactly one year ago I went for a facial and I was kindly offered a skin check up. The verdict ? My skin condition was terrible. Obviously I already knew that due to the endless breakouts every few week, but It became clear to me that with almost 80% of oily areas in my face a facial once a year would never be enough. And 4 facials a year wouldn’t be good for the skin, my budget or my schedule. So I had to do something permanent.

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