Why Zara is my go-to store for shoes

Hey ladies!

How was your Black Friday shopping this year? I am pretty happy with myself, as I manage to control my urge and sticked to my list (ok, with one extra item..).

As Xmas is right around the corner I had been thinking of getting few pair of shoes and while browsing  I obviously ended up with a huge wishlist from Zara (again..). This keeps happening for various reasons and I’m pretty sure it happens to all of you too!

First of all, Zara is a quite affordable brand but still with pretty good quality items, especially if you compare them to their competitors. Yes, there are couple of leather boots around 100$, but give it a month or so till the next sales and you got yourself a deal!

For experienced shoppers and fashion lovers Zara has also another plus: Many of their designs are high brand inspired. So if you can’t afford the Chloe boots this is a very nice alternative!

Another plus for me is whenever I want to try a certain style but don’t know if I’m gonna like it. Instead of spending hundreds on a pair of shoes just because it is in fashion this year I tend to buy a more affordable pair to check first how happy and comfortable I am with it. This year I ‘m trying out the leopard print booties (If you’re reading my blog you already know I’m not a huge fan of animal prints so I wouldn’t spent a fortune on a pair of shoes I’m gonna wear 3-4 times).

What about you? Any shoes on your Zara wishlist for Holidays?



(All images taken straight out of my Zara wishlist on their website)



Dress to impress : first interview look 

The second part of my new post series is finally done! This week I wanna talk to you about the preferable and suitable looks for a job interview!

My mom goes crazy whenever I have a job interview. She has this old fashioned idea of how an appropriate  interview look should be that I’ve always found boring..

So over the years,and after countless interviews, I came to the conclusion that there is always a way to create a fashionable look for an interview that is true to your personal style and of course doesn’t age you!

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Things that make your life easier ( and more stylish)


How is everyone today? I know I haven’t been posting much lately but it’s been a difficult time at work.. Anyways, I was thinking that I need to make my life easier. I’m not 20 anymore so I need to look at my best faster and in the simplest way possible ( I think we have all established the fact that I’m lazzzyyy).

In order to do so I have found over the years some tricks. This week I’m going to share with you the things that every girl should own in order to make her life easier. You will notice that today’s post include some more pricy items,but as you’ll find out yourself I’m talking about items you will acquire once and have them for many years!

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My Spring shoes style

Yes, wearing high heels is always sexy, but how comfortable do you feel wearing them all day? Due to the nature of my work and of course whenever I need to travel, I find it very hard to give up my favourite Tod’s loafers! I can’t sacrifice my comfort for high heels on daily basis. Those of you who have tried any type of moccasin shoes get me right now!