Malta short trip

What’s up guys? It’s been a while since sharing some travel photos on the blog so today I’m doing a post on my (short unfortunately) Malta trip!
At the end of February I visited Malta for the very first time. Although the weather wasn’t ideal for me (quite windy I’m afraid) we were able to do some sightseeing.

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How to elevate your Spring style

Happy Spring ladies!!

The weather is finally getting warmer here in Athens (despite some minor rains every now and then) so it’s time to get ready for the necessary wardrobe changes! Spring is a tricky  season as it’s not too hot or too cold for anything. So what you need are some versatile key pieces that can save your everyday look for this transitional period.

Number One piece you’ll see everywhere this season (and I mean EVERYWHERE) is the white denim jacket.  If you are like me in your early thirties I’m sure you remember owning one couple of years back. Well, as my grand-grand-mother used to say: keep something for a hundred years and then throw it away! Meaning that fashion comes and goes so fast that what you bought last year is out of fashion now, but it will definitely come back in ten years!

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Chrissy Teigen

Needless to say she is THE most favorite person of mine to follow on social media. Her humor and intelligence is something you cannot just ignore. She has a beautiful family (now expecting baby no 2), she is always brutally honest and of course gorgeous. There are not enough adjectives to describe Chrissy and that trust me, is a compliment!

Chrissy’s style has evolved through the years but the bottom line is: it has always been flawless. The fact that she doesn’t really care about others’ opinion is why I think she always enjoys dressing up. Her airport style is by far my favorite although she rarely ditches her heels for flats (which is something I cannot do for a flight!!!).

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First Roadtrip of the summer

OMG! What a weekend! this was the first time I had 5 days off from work so I sure took advantage of it.Me and my boyfriend decided to take a roadtrip! We visited Galaxidi, Arachova, Delphi and Nafpaktos.We were lucky enough, although in Athens the weather was cold, to have the perfect weather and enjoyed very much out time there. We stayed in a beautiful small hostel in Galaxidi, called Xirolakas,  and it was so peaceful and relaxing that I wished we could stay longer! Let me share with you couple of my favorite looks from the trip!

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kourtney Kardashian

It’s the very first time I include one of the Reality TV Royal family in my Style Crush list, but I couldn’t help it, as the past year Kourtney has stole my heart with her street style choices!

She wasn’t very known for her style,keeping mainly simple and being very family oriented. But after her breakup last year she began showing more of her style.

She has an amazing figure so although short (she is my high so obviously I can relate a lot!) a lot of clothes compliment her and it never hurts to wear heels too!Skinny jeans are easy to wear and can draw attention to all the right places.


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Spring Fling

If you’re not living in Mars, or any of the seven newly NASA discovered planets, then you know the No1 for this Spring:Pink.

Zara made it pretty clear that we’re gonna be seeing it A LOT, and we all know that Zara is a trend setter among the retailers ( Hell, if Olivia can wear TLZ looks then who Am I to speak, right?). All jokes aside, pink has always been a Spring favorite, this year though we are talking about a more bold and vivid pink. From Culottes trousers, to shoes and trench coats, pink is here once again to help you make a statement.


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