How to elevate your Spring style

Happy Spring ladies!!

The weather is finally getting warmer here in Athens (despite some minor rains every now and then) so it’s time to get ready for the necessary wardrobe changes! Spring is a tricky  season as it’s not too hot or too cold for anything. So what you need are some versatile key pieces that can save your everyday look for this transitional period.

Number One piece you’ll see everywhere this season (and I mean EVERYWHERE) is the white denim jacket.  If you are like me in your early thirties I’m sure you remember owning one couple of years back. Well, as my grand-grand-mother used to say: keep something for a hundred years and then throw it away! Meaning that fashion comes and goes so fast that what you bought last year is out of fashion now, but it will definitely come back in ten years!

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Marina Vernicos

Now if there’s one person I follow religiously on Instagram that is Marina Vernicos. And that is for one simple reason: She is one of the people that can make me dream and travel through her pictures. Marina Vernicos is the daughter of George Vernicos, a very successful businessman and entrepreneur.They both share a deep love for the sea and  Marina – the artist of the family- has depicted the beautiful aspects of the Greek sea countless times. She has showcased quite a few exhibitions and worked with several brands on successful campaigns. 

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Autumn makeover

Hey guys! How are you? All tanned from your summer vacay?

I know it’s still hot out there but I have started preparing. When Zara adds the “Autumn/Winter” section on their App I know that’s my queue to start preparing for the inevitable: Winter is Coming!

This year I’m all about redefining and reinventing my personal style. So close to my birthday (only one month away) I have begun prioritizing differently my life,my choices and my style. I’m on the verge of some serious changes in my life so all this is basically a journey towards my new me and not just a post about what is trending for next season.

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The weekenders: traveling with style on a budget

Hey there darlings! What have you been up to? I’m getting ready for my first summer excursion (road trip! Heeeyyy!!) so as I was doing some packing I thought why not share it with ya! Summer is by far my favorite season for so many reasons. Although the busiest time at work I always put in good use my days off. This time we are heading to a nice village, 3h away from Athens, by the sea so there’s no need for heavy packing. The trick in these cases is to pack light but smart. Creating looks that are comfortable but still can put you in the spotlight! 

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Beginner’s style guide



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Stylish swimsuits that don’t cost a fortune

Those following my Instgram account might have noticed how much affected I’ve been with summer and how I’ve already done my summer shopping! No 1 item (obviously) has been the swimsuit!

Although i wont be continuing my capsule wardrobe this summer too i am determined to keep it simple and not to overdo it. So I only buying things that will elevate my wardrobe, without spending a fortune.  So here is what i have come up with so far! I have already bought the one piece from Zara but I’m definitely getting a bikini too!


                                           hm blue            bandeau HM



zara tropical   Zara coral


Zara black




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