Tommy Hilfinger SS 2020

Boy Am I excited about 2020!

To begin with, 2019 has been a pretty difficult year for me (and that’s why I haven’t been posting as much as I used to, so sorry for that guys!). So it is safe to say that I really want this year to be over..

Fashion wise though I have more reasons to be excited about the next year and you should too! One of the reasons was the incredible SS20 collection of Tommy Hilfinger that we saw in the begining of December!

You do know I love this brand for the whole easthetic and vibe for years. This time their twist in casual wear and the collor palette for Spring/Summer had me falling in love!

Classic styles, including Chino trousers,shirt dresses (adorable!) and polo shirts are at the center of this line, while the “twists” on the classic Heritage prints and the refined fabrics add an anexpected touch. Blazers,pants and the (signature) denim are redefined in an innovative “temperature-regulating Cool Max” fabric while t-shirts and polos feauture the TH Cool miDori Finish.

The nautical inspired motifs are combined with Heritage prints to celebrate the brand’s true DNA and embrace its past.

The classic color palette (navy,camel and olive) has now been refreshed with bright orange, light blue and mint details.

The brand is also moving forward regarding fashion sustainability and more eco friendly approach, which is something huge for me and I truly appreciate when an item is friendly to the environment while remaining high qualiy.

… And a Stylish New Year!

Only few hours away from saying goodbye to 2015 ( between you and me, one of the worst years i had..) and i couldn’t be more excited!

So many hopes and dreams for the year to come!

This is a New Years Resolutions list focused only in fashion. Trends and beauty advice that i can’t wait to try this year!

Let the countdown begin!


6) Come Lace or shine

Lace is an old time classic that obviously is making a comeback the past few years. But from all the runways for 2016 it is obvious that we will be wearing a lot of lace this spring! I love it in pale colors and accessories!

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