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Finally Vacations!!!

Well, it only took me half a year but I finally took 12 days off just for myself! It had been a very difficult season, with long working hours and a lot of stress so this much needed time to relax and enjoy life again was pretty essential. Since I wanted to stay as relaxed …

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Long weekend packing advice

After some really crazy weeks I finally have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sea! We are leaving today for a long weekend excursion, in an island close to Athens. I really don’t mind not going to fancy and trendy islands cause at this point I prefer spending some quality time with my boyfriend …

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Style Crush

My blogging inspiration

It is not easy to be a blogger. You constantly expose yourself to people unknown to you. So why doing it? Well, some people do it for money. Most of us just feel an inner need to communicate, share and present our views to others. Being a blogger doesn’t mean making money. Few lucky of …

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