Zara just launched a Beauty section..

Zara obsession continues babes! Have you noticed any changes on their website? Maybe a new section?

Zara launched on 5th December a brand new (online only) beauty section! So far it only has a lipstick section in a great variety of colors for all kinds of tastes, from the classic nudes to the bold purples! whether you like liquid lipsticks or  you wanna go for a  more classic matte lipstick this is definitely a great time to shop! Zara describes them as  lightweight, non-drying and comfortable on the lips, while delivering full coverage, so what’s not to like about them? For only 9,95 euros you can stock up, or you can go for the “Behind the Scenes” kit, based on the shades used for Zara’s lookbook !

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Why Zara is my go-to store for shoes

Hey ladies!

How was your Black Friday shopping this year? I am pretty happy with myself, as I manage to control my urge and sticked to my list (ok, with one extra item..).

As Xmas is right around the corner I had been thinking of getting few pair of shoes and while browsing  I obviously ended up with a huge wishlist from Zara (again..). This keeps happening for various reasons and I’m pretty sure it happens to all of you too!

First of all, Zara is a quite affordable brand but still with pretty good quality items, especially if you compare them to their competitors. Yes, there are couple of leather boots around 100$, but give it a month or so till the next sales and you got yourself a deal!

For experienced shoppers and fashion lovers Zara has also another plus: Many of their designs are high brand inspired. So if you can’t afford the Chloe boots this is a very nice alternative!

Another plus for me is whenever I want to try a certain style but don’t know if I’m gonna like it. Instead of spending hundreds on a pair of shoes just because it is in fashion this year I tend to buy a more affordable pair to check first how happy and comfortable I am with it. This year I ‘m trying out the leopard print booties (If you’re reading my blog you already know I’m not a huge fan of animal prints so I wouldn’t spent a fortune on a pair of shoes I’m gonna wear 3-4 times).

What about you? Any shoes on your Zara wishlist for Holidays?



(All images taken straight out of my Zara wishlist on their website)



Tatoi Summer Palaces: A day in the woods

Tatoi Summer Palace is the former summer residency of former Greek Royal Family. It is located in mount Parnitha and it is in a densely wooded area.The Palace is now abandoned but the property is still in pretty good shape. Buildings are not habitable obviously but its a great place for a walk, bike riding or a picnic!

January had been a very busy and difficult month with work and the University so this week on my (one and only) day off we decided to visit the area. Weather was great so no need for  heavy coats,I was able to pass the hole day with a sweater and a boyfriend blazer. Walking is a great exercise,despite my boyfriend’s complains on the matter. Continue Reading

August full moon

I’m not the romantic type and this is something that my boyfriend can definitely tell you! But August’s full moon has always given me this weird vibe,making more of a dreamer. Last year we went to Acropolis to watch it but I hated it because it was super crowded and you couldn’t find the slightest corner to sit down.

So this year we went to  Stavros Niarchos foundation Cultural Center,for me one of Athens jewels! Of course there were a lot of people but because the Center is very big and the park is in levels it was much easier to enjoy the night!

(Wearing Forever21 dress,Zara sandals and Victoria’s Secret handbag)



Methoni trip

What’s up crazy fashion babes? How is summer treating you so far? My days sound a lot like a Rihanna’s song (work work work work work) but I enjoy meeting all these new people everyday. Earlier this month we took our second roadtrip for the summer and it was just great! Turns out roadtriping is my new favorite way to travel,although it needs more time if you decide to leave your country too. 

Anyway,this time we went to Methoni,which is around 300klm away from Athens,in Peloponnesus. It’s not one of the most touristic areas of Greece and I really love that cause you can always find nice hotels in good prices and home cooked food. 

On our first day we decided to stop to Polylimnio waterfalls. This has to be one of the most beautiful places in Greece I’ve even been: nature at its finest and small crystal green lakes scattered everywhere. It is quite the walk,with some occasional light climbing, so make sure you have nice shoes with you! I was wearing slippers so I had some hard time in few parts of the climb but is was still manageable. We spent about two hours in the area and still didn’t see the half of it so if you’re in for the trip make sure you have a lot of time and supples (water,swimsuit,shoes,hats and sunblock!). 

(wearing Sugarfree beach overall and one piece swimsuit)

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