Tattoo lovers

A simple tweet was the idea for today’s post. I realized I haven’t talked to you about one of my fav things: tattoos.
Although quite painful in some body parts tattoo is a form of art and a personal statement. All this, if it is made appropriately. So first things first, you need to find the right tattoo artist. Don’t trust the first tattoo studio you find. Look up online for the best studios in your town and then visit some of them and talk to the artists. You need to feel comfortable with your tattoo artist, after all he or she holds the needles!!
Once you find the studio you need to decide what tattoo design you want. Or maybe the other way around?? I’ll give you the same advice I give to my friends: Decide on a tattoo, then wait a year! Tattoos are forever. You can’t just remove them whenever you want or change them. So you need to be 100000% confident of your choice. So choose something you won’t regret later! If you’re not sure of your choice, then give it few months or years to make sure you still want the same design! I speak from experience because my first tattoo was a spontaneous decision, so albeit simple it’s not something I’m proud of! (And now I have to redesign a tattoo to cover it).
Where you do it is also important. All my tattoos (3 so far, 2 more on the way!) are in body parts that are not completely obvious. That happened by choice because I don’t want my tattoos to be seen at work. You have to consider that too! Even if you are in your early 20’s and you don’t care what people think of you, don’t forget that what you do is permanent! So in 20 years would you like your kids, your co-workers, your neighbors to be able to see your tattoo? Your legs, lower back, the inner part of your arms and your ribs are great places for hidden yet sexy tattoos!


Pain tolerance is also important. In certain places of your body the pain you experience when having a tattoo is worse that others. If you don’t have a good level of pain tolerance then choose an area with more fat! Yes, you read correctly! Thinner body parts hurt the most because there is not enough fat around them so your nerves and veins are closer to your skin’s surface. Take the back of your neck for example! It’s one of the most painful places to have a tattoo! Your leg on the other hand is more likely the place you want to have a tattoo if you are afraid of pain!


So now you have a design you like and won’t regret and you have a trustworthy tattoo studio. When can you have your tattoo? Well if you are planning to have one this year you’re a bit late already! Tattoos need about 30 to 40 days away from the sun and the beach! So it’s better to have one during winter! It is way safer to do it then, also because you don’t need to shower 3 times a day like you do in summer! For the first 2 days you need to avoid water (especially for the first 24h), so hot,summer days are so inappropriate for having a tattoo!

After having a tattoo you need to be gentle with your skin for the next few weeks. Firstly you have to avoid water for 2 days, as I mentioned above, and then you need to apply a body lotion onto the tattooed area 3 times a day and keep it clean and moisturized! Don’t panic if within the first week you see your tattoo rejecting some of the ink. Tattoo artists usually add more ink (It takes about 3 layers of ink for a tattoo, depending on the color and the design) so some of it will probably be rejected from your skin. If however your body rejects too much ink, or bleed a bit you should contact your tattoo artist for more info.
Tattoos are now quite affordable and you can have a small one for 40 to 60€ and up to 200€ for big ones. Prices vary from studio to studio and of course from color to color. Black inked tattoos are the cheapest you can get but you can choose a lighter color even if you don’t want it colored. For example, if you want a tattoo in a more obvious spot but you still wish to keep it hidden, have your tattoo in beige or brown color (depending on your skin tone!!)! For a more girly tattoo have it in a baby pink or light blue color!

I really hope this would be helpful for ya girls! If you have any questions you can leave a comment!




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