Fashion Manifesto

The right way

Fashion is art. Is the expression of your personality, your mood and your culture. From time to time it may change- for the better or the worse. Fashion can be a lot of things but it doesn’t have to be one: forced. Nowadays it’s common for young girls to just follow a celebrity style. This is wrong. Be yourself! Yes,get ideas from celebrities, get inspiration. But don’t just copy someone. Be you, be true to yourself.

You don’t have to spend tons of money in order to be beautiful and trendy and in fashion. Use smart ways and solutions to save money and time. Don’t just be a fashion victim and shop everything you see.

This blog is all about using the fashion and the trends to your benefit. It’s a tool that I’m offering you to use. Improve your reflexes when it come to fashion and shopping, use your instinct and style to create something new and unique. Something yours! It doesn’t have to be Chanel to be elegant, it doesn’t have to be Louis Vuitton to be classic, it doesn’t have to be Jimmy Choo to be extravagant. It can cost 5$, it can be used, it can be handmade.
Don’t worry about labels.its cool if you can afford the latest couture items. But even if you do remember to keep it simple!

We are women and we love luxury things. It’s our dirty little secret and we would all wish we could afford it. For me it’s simple: even when I can afford something like that I choose the one I can use all the time! If I need something fancier I never buy it from one of fashions big houses, because I know I will only use it few times!

Keep it simple and true. That’s the key. That’s what I wish I can help you find: your true self and your inner beauty.

I’m posting articles on fashion icons but I’m not asking you to copy them-I’m not coping them either! I’m just getting inspired by them! Looks, hairstyles and make ups, outfits.. But I’m not buying the same outfits and go out on the streets! Do the same! Get ideas but create your own looks! Not because a celebrity said so, not because I said so. But because it’s your life and your style!

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