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Things that make your life easier ( and more stylish)


How is everyone today? I know I haven’t been posting much lately but it’s been a difficult time at work.. Anyways, I was thinking that I need to make my life easier. I’m not 20 anymore so I need to look at my best faster and in the simplest way possible ( I think we have all established the fact that I’m lazzzyyy).

In order to do so I have found over the years some tricks. This week I’m going to share with you the things that every girl should own in order to make her life easier. You will notice that today’s post include some more pricy items,but as you’ll find out yourself I’m talking about items you will acquire once and have them for many years!

The clarisonic system

A clean face is the greatest pro that a girl can have. I never had that, so I always look for things to achieve it! Clarisonic is very simple to use and quite effective compared to your regular makeup removing routine. It removes dirt and clears the pores faster,leaving your skin glowing. For me I think my wish is to finally reduce effectively the oiliness of my skin – which is something that takes time so I’ll get back to ya on that! It is quite pricy but its an investment! If you don’t want to spend so much money you can try the Olay system, which is way more affordable. It’s only disadvantage is that it only has one head,instead of the many choices you have with clarisonic, according to your skin type.


Bellissima Revolution

There’s no way you can have a great look when having a bad hair day! I’ve been using the Bellissima series for years so I already know how fast and easy it is. But with revolution you can create many different looks with only one product! Straight, wavy, curly .. You name it! In less than 20′ you can change your look and your attitude! Another great investment that will become your best friend for years!


Fast dry nail polish – fast dry nail polish spray

Who has half an hour to wait for the nail polish to dry? Yes,that’s how long it takes! Even when you think it’s done your nail polish is still vulnerable. Washing your hands, hitting your nails over something, or even grabbing something like your keys can scratch your nail polish ( it has happened to me more times that I can actually recall!!). So when buying nail polishes try to find some that dry fast.
Your other option is the fast dry nail polish spray!! Another amazing discovery I have to say!


The LBD (little black dress)

This is the one piece that you can’t ignore. The one thing that can save you whenever you need a chic and elegant look. Whether is for a job interview, a cocktail party or just a date the little black dress is a life savior! You don’t need to pay a fortune for the LBD, but do not spare some extra euros since you will keep that dress for many years. So make sure your investment is a simple lined,well fitting dress that would look great on you!


Bag it up!

This post is much more luxurious than my previous ones as you can see! So of course a nice bag (to say the least)would be perfect to complete a look! Again it doesn’t have to be a 5 figure price but keep in mind that you don’t need 30 cheap bags if you can spend that money on one piece that you can have for many years! My fav options would be a classic Louis Vuitton speedy bag or an always classy 2.55 Chanel bag. If they are still out of your budget ( and by budget I mean saving up for quite sometime!!) try finding a nice leather bag from an outlet store (try the Outnet or brandalley).



Run to the heels

Last but not least: the shoes! Yes I know you have a bunch of pairs,but how many of these are actually suitable for an interview or a fancy appearance? Or even better: both situations? Again what you need is a nice pair of heels. Not to high,not short. A classic pair of black heels is a must have for every woman. You can wear it with a pair of jeans, with your LBD or with any look pretty much. The good thing about shoes is that it doesn’t have to come from a famous couture house r be expensive to be of a good quality! Just look for a store that has good leather shoes and find a simple pair of black heels for ya!

Now just because I’m having a middle life crisis doesn’t mean you have to hit the stores tomorrow! But for all my younger readers ( at your early 20’s ) think of this as a great opportunity to know in advance what you’ll need in few years! Make a plan and spend your money wisely in key pieces that will accompany you for many years! For my girls around 30, it’s never too late to be transformed to an elegant and beautiful woman- not a fake one,only the best version of yourself! And don’t forget: the best accessory a woman can have is her smile!!

( this post in not an advertisement. All products are based on personal choices and preferences. Images taken from the official websites of the products and )