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Trends that won’t be missed

Now I know you’re all very excited for this new year and all the fashion trends that is bringing. But there are several trends that won’t be missed!

Bling brow
We saw it in many catwalks last year but it’s not one of the trends that worth coping for 2015!


Bleached eyebrows
It was the year of terrible eyebrow choices and of course this has to be one of the worse! It’s awesome when a model does it for a fashion show but looking browless everyday is not the most fashionable look a girl could chose!


That’s it,I’m drawing the line to Kim Kardashian! The rest of us need to leave this trend behind!! The exaggeration of contouring last year gave the exact opposite results to many celebrities and everyday women and many attempts I saw on Instagram shocked me! So leave this trend for the pros girls and just add the appropriate “light” in your looks!


Let me know which 2014 fashion trends you won’t be missing!

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