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Useful apps for new bloggers

Did you know that kaysecrets is almost one year old?? I never thought I would continue sharing my thoughts Such a long time and obviously I couldn’t expect your support! 

It is time to share now with all the new bloggers some very useful apps that every blogger should know about! 


Social media 

If or obvious reasons social media is a great weapon for a new blogger to become known,interact with others and advertise his blog. I use several social media platforms but the ones I find more useful are Bloglovin and Instagram! Although these are the ones I am mostly popular (fro some reason it’s twitter!) they are the most effective when it comes to finding new readers. Using the appropriate hashtags on Instagram and adding many new bloggers like myself on Bloglovin are quite effective I must say! 


It has to be one of my favorite things the past few months! For me Polyvore is a game/tool/fashion expression/addiction../..!! I have a profile connected to my blog and I absolutely love creating new looks and sharing them with my followers. I also use my creations for my posts which is very useful since its quite expensive to buy all the products needed sometimes. So I can just create a look I would recommend even if I don’t have all the items in my closet currently! 

L’oreal Makeup Genious

 In the same spirit this amazing makeup app allows you to “try” different l’oreal products on your skin without leaving your house! Besides the fact that its fun it’s a great way of testing how all new makeup trends work on a regular woman and how many possibilities and options you can have with each product! It’s a great inspiration for beauty blog posts and its super easy! 


That’s a very useful tool for bloggers! Easy to manage your posts,upload new ones and add photos!its the latest addition to my helpful tools for blogging and I definitely recommend it for all new bloggers! Try it out and let me know what you think!