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VIVAIA shoes first impressions and review

Hey loves!! 

It’s been a while since I found a pair of shoes to be excited about so I had to share this one. 

I found Vivaia through Instagram and I applied to be a tester for their latest designs. 

I was drown to them as they are sustainable and eco friendly (they are made out of recycled plastic bottles) but mostly because of the raving reviews regarding how comfortable they are. 

I have a huge issue with shoes as my feet are very sensitive and bleed very easily. 

So of course I was intrigued to try them and see for myself whether or not that was true. 

When asked to chose a pair I went for Aria 2.0 in natural peach and went for my regular size which is EU 36. 

I decided to go for a more spring color and flat shoes as I wanted to wear them as much as possible.

Now, here is the only part that I wasn’t happy about: shipping took quite some time, more than expected so keep that in mind! 

From the moment though that I got my hands on them I fell in love! 

The color is gorgeous,fitting amazing and they are sooo comfortable!! 

In order to put them to the test I wore them last Sunday, which was Easter Sunday in Greece and I was wearing them since 8am until 20:00pm! I had to do a lot of preparations for the lunch, walk back and forth the house a million times and still didn’t feel a thing! 

What surprised me was also the fitting. I have small feet  and normally even in size EU 36 most shoes are loose at the back and that’s why my feet bleed. In this case, although shoes were loose my feet would stay in place! 

So I give them 10/10 without any hesitation and would definitely be purchasing from them again. 

(shoes were kindly gifted by Vivaia as part of their testing procedure. All opinions are my own and review is based on personal preferences. Not paid add)