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What to do when you hate your wardrobe

It’s one hell of a difficult season for me darlings, I have to tell ya!! I’m pretty exhausted from work  and a lot to worry about lately. Besides all these I kinda let myself go a bit and gained some weight. And you know what happens next of course. On your only day off you try on that beautiful skinny jeans  you loved last year and they look awful on you! (Ok,not awful but when you don’t feel good these feelings tend to multiply). This really hurt me. Ok, 5 kilos is not something tragic and it’s not something I should be worrying sick over, but feeling nice in your own skin should be everyone’s priority. I ended up hating every singe item in my closet cause it only reminded me that I wasn’t that person any more. Of cause I could fit to most of my clothes and I know I can lose weight in two months if I really want to but I realized that this wasn’t the problem. I was ready to move on and change my clothes and my style because I simply didn’t enjoy it any more.


So what do you do when you hate your closet? 

The short answer:  you change it!

In real life this is a little bit more complicated (not to mention expensive) so it takes way more than just a trip to the mall.

I always do a nice clean up in my closet so that wasn’t the problem this time. This time it was deeper. It was an internal need for a change. To some people this happens so gradually that it’s not even noticeable but to me it just hit me one morning.

The most important thing in this case is to find your own voice. I’ve told you many times before that Pinterest is my number one street style inspiration. Yes, I love Instagram but my Pinterest page is more of a bunch of private boards I keep to myself so I feel it so much more personal.

You search for inspo then on social media, YouTube, your friends. The key is to find something that truly matches the image you want to create next.

I realized I missed the days I had a more preppy and office appropriate look, as now at work I wear a uniform so on my days off I tend to wear too casual clothes.

Of course I don’t want to go for a coffee with my girls looking as I’m about to enter an executive’s meeting. But I missed the days I could wear a nice black blazer over my skinny jeans and a pair of kitten heels..

After you set your goal there’s trial time. You search online to all your favorite stores and see if they have the pieces you need for your looks. Then you visit the store and actually wear the clothes! I’m 1.58cm and 52kilos. I’m short and of average weight. Of course I don’t look like the model in the catalogue! But do I feel nice in an outfit? Does it make me love myself? That’s the true question. Then and only then I buy something.

Once you have a clear vision and a good idea of how you truly look in different styles then its shopping time. Again no need to go wild. You start slowly with few items, using the clothes you already have in your closet as a base. I kept all the tapered  trousers and culottes I had from last year (these types are very flattering and forgiving) but I have ordered from ASOS (which by the way has sales up to 70%, so it was really cheap to shop) couple of brown and tan sweaters, more formal dresses and heels to update my look.  Brown color (in any shade) gives a more luxurious vibe so even with  simple black trousers and a sweater or a cardigan in this color you look instantly more preppy and put together. This is a nice trick that doesn’t break the bank too.

The key during your shopping time is to find again that excitement for clothes and style. So go shopping only when you feel good and if it helps take your bestie with you! I find it easier to either shop alone or with my boyfriend cause it always makes me feel amazing if I see him smiling with the outfits I try. His admiration is making me feel as I’m the hottest girl in town and you know what? it helps! 😛

As I mentioned before twice a year I clean up my closet, donating all the clothes I haven’t worn at all. This helps in many ways but in our case this is giving me a better idea of which items I actually use and I can include in my new wardrobe. If you want to change your style in any way once you have a clear vision of how you want it to be then check your closet for the items you already have. Then from the rest of the items make sure you make two piles: one for the clothes that don’t fit this new style but still you wear a lot, or there is a good change you’ll wear them soon, and one pile for the clothes you haven’t worn for a long time and don’t fit your new ideas. The second pile is your donation pile… Once removed from your closet it will give you a better idea of how your new wardrobe is getting formed, plus it will give you more space for the new clothes!

Right now I’m in my shopping period on the schedule. I have a good idea of what I want to create, I’ve searched the web and the malls and placed my first online order. By the end of the month I’m going to visit the mall one more time (still waiting for all the items from the winter collections to be available in stores) to complete the 5 key looks I want ( I close items that although create 5 main looks can be easily mixed and matched to create additional looks) and for my most pricey items I will wait for the winter sales in January.

How about you ladies? Any of you facing similar (style changing) problems? Let me know how you’re handling it!





(image taken  from my beloved Pinterest)