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why 2014 was Victoria’s year 

There’s no doubt in my mind that 2014 was Victoria Beckham’s year. Month after month Victoria was in the spotlight not for her personal life, but mainly for her work and humanitarian activities. Here’s a countdown of top reasons this was her year!

5) Victoria opened her new store in London,after a great increase in sales the previous months, creating a minimalistic space with no cash registers and she shocked everybody when she herself took the role of the sales assistant during her opening day.

4) one of the highlights of her year was definitely New York Fashion week where she presented her new clothes collection. Victoria made a move towards the U.S. market as many of her celebrity American friends already have worn her creations on red carpets.

3) Living proof that hard work,persistence and of course talent can pay off is what led to her winning “Best Brand” at the British Fashion Award this year! If you add to her year my two previous reasons you can easily understand why in her work life Victoria had her most productive year so far!

2) the biggest surprise was obviously seeing her husband’s Instagram photo with her smiling for the camera. The usually more “reserved” Victoria in a relaxed selfie was something most people had to see twice to believe!

1) Her UN speech has to be one of the strongest moments she had this year. As a Goodwill Ambassador she set some pretty tough goals and strongly support how important is for all women to provide for their children and how we can all help to that.

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