Why I won’t be making a “New Year’s Resolutions” list this year..

Hey guys!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas (not like me- being sick in bed AGAIN!).

As you might remeber I do a New Year’s Resolutions post every year. I have to admit that it is kinda inspiring, especially in the begining of the new year. The problem with me though is that after the first excitement I stop being consistent and eventually leave many of my original goals. Then, close to the end of the year I tend to remember them again and start feeling guilty for not achieving them, or even trying to complete the entire list in only few weeks! I can tell you, trying to workout to cover for the lost ground of a whole year is not very easy!!! 😊

So this year, and since I have faced many difficulties during 2019, I have decided to give myself some space and focus on things that would make me more happy than more productive. Travel more, be with my family end loved ones..

So I want to wish to each one of you out here all the best for the New Year, full with happiness, love and health!

Happy 2020!!!!