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Why you should share a wishlist for gifts with your boyfriend

Hey loves,what have you been up to? I have kept myself quite busy lately! 

Today I want to share with you some life changing (just kidding) arrangement we now have as a couple! 

I have been with my boyfriend for a little over 8 years so that means that after so long you kinda know the other person,right? nagh.. In the past we (me and my boyfriend) used to chose gifts randomly and although I have a pretty good idea what he likes he usually missed all the hints!! So long story short, now we each create a wish list and send it to eachother so that we know what the other one wants!

The idea is quite simple: we decide on a budget for each present (no crazy expensive) and then we give around twenty options each! We still want the element of surprise and that’s why we give so many different options although we only get maximum 3 gifts per year to each other. 

Of course there’s great way for improvisation as you can obviously chose something outside the list  but it’s a great guideline of what the other person needs and wants! 

His list has mainly electronic gadgets, video games and some guitar accessories while mine has bags,jewelry and photo equipment!! His list is all over the place while mine is divided in sections and categories for easy access (yes, typical Virgo I must say!). 

I know some of you are going to say that it destroys all the mystery and the excitement of getting a present. You want to see their thoughts and ideas on a gift and of course I understand that! The thing is, in our case he could never guess what I wanted because he has no idea about the brands I prefer, so for him it was really exhausting to go shopping for me and always ended up buying something from Zara cause he knew I could find something I liked there! And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Zara! But changing every gift made him sad that he just couldn’t get it right!  

And that’s why I got the idea that for 2020 we would try the wishlist thing. And it worked!!! I got an amazing ring set from PDPAOLA and a hair curler for my birthday and he is getting a PS5 (pre-ordered to arrive in December) for his nameday and Christmas (it’s only two days apart so I thought why not getting the most expensive thing in his list for both occasions)! 

You should see his face every time I wear the rings and proudly tell to whoever asks that it was a gift from him!! That couldn’t happen with most of his previous gifts because I would go and change them! 

Now for my nameday and Christmas I’m getting an APC half moon bag that I had been eyeing for quite some time! He knows how much I love bags (they take half the space in my closet so that’s a clue) but poor guy is not familiar with all the different brands and aesthetics so he could never guess that by himself! I also don’t like telling someone “this is what you’re getting me” so the list gives him great options  but everything in it is something g I would love to have!! 

The A.P.C. Half Moon smooth-leather cross-body bag I’m getting

The A.P.C. Half Moon crocodile-effect leather cross-body bag in case you want to spice things up

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